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WORKPLACE / NOV. 11, 2016
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12 Examples of Brand Personality to Inspire You

brand personality examples

Red Bull has it. So does Apple – in spades. And so do countless other less well-known but very successful brands. The marketers amongst you will already know what I’m talking about, but if you’re curious, the common theme here is the concept of brand personality. So Apple (for its devotees, at least) is trendy. Lovers of the Victoria Beckham brand will buy into her brand personality: elegance.

The point of having a brand personality is this: people don’t merely buy products. They buy into their aspirations; or as described in this great article by Fast Company, they buy “better versions of themselves”. Your brand’s personality ‘speaks’ to their desires and aspirations. Based on an infographic found at, here are 12 examples of ‘brand personality’ to inspire you, together with examples of well-known people who serve as examples of each brand personality. If any of the brand personalities resonate with you, why not research the companies listed as examples  - how do they express their brand’s personality across different mediums and social media channels, for example and use them to develop your career?

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1. Purist

Purist personality: Julie Andrews

A purist brand champions values such as wholesomeness, ethics, simplicity and purity. Examples of purist brands are Dove, Disney and Sesame Street.

2. Pioneer

Pioneer personality: Stephen Hawking

Pioneer brands champion values such as freedom, adventure, self-discovery, self-reliance and ambition. Good examples of pioneer brands are The Discovery Channel and Jeep.

3. Source

Claim Fame

Source personality: Dr Phil

Source brands embrace knowledge and enlightenment. They champion values such as truth, objectivity, education, discipline, clarity and commitment. They are the brands that we look to for information, advice and insights. Examples of source brands include Bloomberg, eMarketer, Forrester and Mckinsey.

4. Conqueror


Conqueror personality: Michael Jordan

Conqueror brands are those that are associated with performance, resilience, steadfastness, character and endurance. Good examples of conqueror brands are Nike and Weight Watchers.

5. Rebel

harley Davidson
Harley Davidson

Rebel personality: Madonna

Rebel brands champion values such as independence, controversy, freedom and nonconformity. For these brands, rules are meant to be broken. Examples of rebel brands include Harley Davidson, Red Bull and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

6. Wizard


Wizard personality: Steve Jobs

Wizard brands specialise in taking the ordinary and transforming it into the extraordinary. Wizard brands champion values such as imagination, surprise and curiosity. Good examples of wizard brands are Apple and Pixar.


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7. Straight Shooter

easy jet
Easy Jet

Straight shooter personality: Simon Cowell

Straight shooter brands value authenticity (keeping it real), honesty and frankness. They also prioritise function over appearance; examples include Easy Jet and Southwest Airlines.

8. Seducer

victoria's secret
Victoria's Secret

Seducer personality: Marilyn Monroe

Seducer brands are associated with values such as beauty, pleasure, passion, desire, sensuality and intimacy. Good examples of seducer brands are Victoria’s Secrets and DeBeers.

9. Entertainer

dr pepper
Dr. pepper

Entertainer personality: Jerry Seinfeld

Entertainer brands champion values such as spontaneity, charm and humour. These brands seem to enjoy helping their customers discover the fun side of life. Examples of entertainer brands include Dr Pepper and M&M’s.

10. Protector


Protector personality:  Mother Theresa

Protector brands embody and promote values such as compassion, kindness, care, and love. Examples of protector brands are Campbell’s Soup and Johnson & Johnson.

11. Imagineer


Imagineer personality: Michael Jackson

Original thinking, vision, artistry and creativity are values embodied by imagineer brands. These brands help their customers to create; examples include Lego, YouTube and Photoshop.

12. Emperor

Emperor personality: Warren Buffet

Leadership, determination, respect, dominance, influence and wealth are values that are associated with emperor brands. Good examples of emperor brands are American Express, Porsche and Rolex.

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Having a brand personality is important because it makes it easier for people to identify with your product or service. If people like what your brand stands for, the chances are that they will like your stuff. So take the time to create the right personality for your brand – it is the foundation upon which your brand’s success will be built.

It is also important as part of your wider personal branding strategy, if you truly understand yourself enough to create a brand personality then you have the foundation to build a strong personal brand.

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