How to Get Hired by Coke

Drinking three Diet Cokes a day is not enough to get hired by the world’s most valuable brand. Coca-Cola means business when it comes to hiring an employee.

How do you get hired by Coca-Cola?

Many people have high hopes. They think getting a top position at Coca Cola is just an application and interview away, but this is far from the truth. You won’t be working from behind a desk or dealing with fun advertisements immediately. In fact, if you’re lucky, in all likelihood you’ll start off in the warehouse. Don’t fret – many have climbed the ladder and worked their way up through the ranks. From the warehouse, there is the prospect of being promoted to upper management. Anyone who’s planning to work for Coca-Cola should expect and prepare to work physically hard - at first. The longer you work at Coke, the easier and less physical your work will become.

Your qualities

There is however, the chance of grasping your hands on that dream role straight away. When applying for a position at Coca-Cola, there are a few prerequisites you’ll need. The people behind your favorite can of soda are on the ball and they are on the hunt for someone who matches their requirements. Are you energetic and enthusiastic? Coca-Cola needs someone to help keep that smile on consumers’ faces. The ideal candidate is someone who has “the power to influence and connect” and someone who has a desire to grow and win.

Your resume

When applying for Coca-Cola, make sure your resume is focused on whatever position you desire. Tell the managers what you offer. Include education, labor experience, strengths and skills. Don’t make the resume too long. It should be no more than one page. A degree or sales experience is well-regarded but that’s not enough in the manager’s eyes. Beverage experience is considered an advantage. If you have it – list it and brag about it. Coca-Cola tends to hire people who have sold beer, wine or Pepsi.

Your knowledge

Count your lucky stars if you get a call back. When preparing for an interview with Coca-Cola, it’s highly advised that you get your facts straight. Know everything there is to know about the carbonated soft drink. Read every book that you can about the history of the Coca-Cola Company. Study the brand’s portfolio, advertising techniques and strategies. It’s even recommended that you get down to the nitty gritty details like educating yourself about the drink’s ingredients! Impress your potential employers with your knowledge about the brand and you’ll be one step closer to getting your dream job.

The interview

The application process will include a background check, a drug test and an interview. Like any job interview, ensure that you are dressed well and be yourself. The hirers will be assessing if the candidate would make a good impression on a customer so be confident. The Coca-Cola Company itself advises candidates to use the “STAR System” when asked to refer to an experience story.

S/T = (Situation or Task) explains the circumstances or the background

A = (Action) Describes the specific action that you took

R= (Result) Conveys the outcome of your action (use measurable terms)

Be prepared for situational questions such as:

“Do you think it is more important to work independently or as part of a team?”

"How do you respond when overwhelmed in the workplace?"

“Describe an instance where you showed good leadership skills”

“Can you work on your feet for extended amounts of time?”

Sometimes, applying for a role at Coca-Cola online can be a waste of time and your application may be ignored. As silly as it sounds, your other option is to talk directly to a Coca-Cola shelf stacker or truck driver. Ask them for the name of their manager and call them to see if they are hiring. Be friendly and persistent.

Getting hired by the esteemed global brand doesn’t happen at the flick of a Cola bottle cap. It takes time and plenty of effort. At times it may feel like you’ve been given the cold shoulder, but if you really want something then you’ve got to keep at it. Coca-Cola managers want to know their employees really want the job. Just keep asking for a chance and you’ll get there one day.


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