How to Get an Internship With Amazon

How to Get an Internship With Amazon

Completing a paid internship with Amazon, will not only help you get valuable experience while putting what you have learned into practice but it will also give you a leading advantage in the job market. Since Amazon is currently the largest online retailer in the world, you will get to learn from the best and achieve the best for yourself!

Before you decide whether this is something you want to do, you should know what it takes to be an Amazon intern and get inside information from previous Amazon interns! A Software Development Engineer Intern at Amazon says:

“Great culture and a fun place to work. Everyone is intelligent and drives each other to be better. Be prepared to work hard and be pushed to do well. Although they pay very well and as a result expect you to perform”.

Amazon does pay well. According to reports, Amazon pays its interns an average of $5,366 per month! That’s $64,392 on an annual basis. This is what you could be earning as an Amazon intern:

  • The average Amazon intern salary is $29 per hour
  • Financial Analyst Intern: $19/hour
  • Software Development Engineer Intern: $35/hour
  • Corporate & Business Development Intern: $37/hour
  • Operations Intern: $19/hour

If you are interested, check out the following tips to learn how you can get the internship of your dreams:

#1 Getting to know what is expected from you

Depending on the role, Amazon will want you to possess certain qualities and skills so be sure that you check these prior to submitting your job application. Write key job requirements on a paper and provide examples on how you meet them. These are some of the transferable skills and qualities students need in order to get an internship with Amazon:

  • Leadership: an ability to motivate, mentor and engage.
  • Responsibility and initiative to complete given tasks.
  • Creativity and problem solving: ability to come up with innovative ideas on how to improve processes.

#2 Promoting yourself as much as possible

Former Amazon interns encourage future applicants to promote themselves as much as possible so that they are prepared to sell themselves on the actual job interview. Learn how to sell yourself appropriately using keywords; prepare your goals speech and refer to your strengths in a way that relates to the skills Amazon needs their employees to possess.

#3 Getting the interview by applying online

It looks like the most effective way to get an interview with Amazon is by applying online. According to Glassdoor reviews, 41% of people who applied online got an interview with Amazon, while 21% got an interview with the help of a recruiting agency, 16% from campus recruiting and 11% from employee referrals.

Also, recent data revealed that a job interview with Amazon is not easy nor hard; the average interview difficulty rate is currently 3.3 out 5 so don’t fret! Obviously, you’ll never know unless you try!

#4 Discovering Amazon

The more you know about Amazon the more chance you have of getting the internship. Get to know more of what Amazon does, when/where it started from and what Amazon’s future plans are. Browse the different Amazon websites and see how the company interacts with their clients and get into that “Amazon mindset”.

Also, why not join Amazon Talent Communities to stay up-to-date with Amazon’s career opportunities and upcoming recruiting events within your area? Whether you want to get an internship in Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Operations Management, Facilities Management or Safety Management follow the news of the industry you are interested in and be prepared!

If you really want to get an internship with Amazon, click on the video to get more information in regards to Amazon’s culture and search for available opportunities here.  

Image Source: thedigitalreader