How to Get an Internship at Red Bull

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Red Bull is practically giving wings to a bunch of hopeful students seeking to gain some valuable experience in a variety of fields across the company. From IT to customer support and marketing to electronics, Red Bull’s annual internship programme helps young talent find their feet in the working world.

So, if you’re interested in spreading your wings and gaining vital work experience at a leading company, look no further!

Here’s everything you need to know about landing a spot on Red Bull’s summer internship programme.

1. Know the Basics

Before hastily submitting your application, you should take the time to familiarise yourself with the fine print of an internship at Red Bull. To begin with, you should be eligible to work in the USA for a period of 13 weeks, at 40 hours per week. In addition, it’s important to note that the company will not pay for any relocation fees, although they will reimburse you for any travel costs to get to the interview.

The plus side is that the internship is paid (between $16 and $21 per hour) and all applications for 2019 will be accepted in January for placements that will begin in May and June 2019. So, if you’re an undergrad student or a recent graduate who’s interested in applying, now is the perfect time to get to know more about your ideal role.

2. Find the Right Role

While there’s a number of great opportunities available at Red Bull, it’s best to identify the role that you’re best suited to and to keep your eyes set on just that. That said, even though you’re applying for a specific role, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be ruled out for other positions.

To help you identify what role you’re best suited to, we’ve described the available options below.

  • Marketing: The marketing team is in charge of creating brand awareness and increasing the value of the product. And if you want to learn additional marketing strategies that are outside the standard method, you will get the chance to be creative and think outside the box during your time at Red Bull.
  • Sales/Distribution: The sales and distribution teams are split into two separate departments: on-premise and off-premise sales. The difference between the two is quite simple: off-premise defines the process of the consumer selecting the brand when in-store and the overall story that the product has, while on-premise is when the product is consumed at a restaurant, bar or a similar location, helping consumers become returning on-premise customers.
  • Communications: The Red Bull communications team has one primary goal: to tell amazing stories and create compelling content that will spark the interest of any reader.
  • Media: The Red Bull Media House is a separate company under the same brand, and their focus is creating ‘beyond-the-ordinary’ stories with direct consumers and through partnerships. By working in this department, you’ll gain experience in print and digital marketing, music and games, as well as film and television.
  • Finance: If you’re a number cruncher who wants to help the company keep a financial balance, you can give a helping hand to the team in charge of providing clear, reliable, relevant and timely financial insight.

3. Submit Your Application

Now that you’ve identified what department you want to work in, you need to get your head into gear and submit your online application form. To browse the available options and locations, browse the internship jobs on Red Bull’s website and then follow the online instructions to complete your application form. However, before doing so, make sure you have your updated CV readily available so you can easily copy information across to the application form.

Once you’ve hit ‘Send’, you need to sit back and relax, and hope that you’ve said all you need to impress the recruiters.

4. Rock Your Interviews

If you have managed to impress the hiring panel with your killer CV, you’ll be faced with a number of interview rounds, from online assessments to video and in-house interviews. Here is all you need to know about this part of the process.

Online Personality Test

The online personality test is common practice among all the available positions. Before you get to meet a recruiter face to face, you’ll be asked to complete an online test that will help the hiring managers assess your personality traits to see if you’d be a good fit for their team.

Video Interview

After you complete the online test, you’ll be invited to a video interview. Unlike typical video interviews, however, there won’t be another human being on the other end of the screen asking you questions. Instead, everything is pre-recorded, and you’ll be given a number of pre-set questions to answer, a short window to prepare your answers (off camera) and then three to five minutes (on camera) to deliver your answers.

Casual Interviews at Red Bull HQ

The final stage of the interview process is an invitation to visit Red Bull’s headquarters for a two-day assessment. Day One kicks off with a casual dinner at the Red Bull HQ with a pool of other candidates. During the dinner, you’ll participate in informal interviews with hiring managers and get separated into teams where you’ll need to work on given assignments.

Assessment Assignment and Presentation

On Day Two, you’ll be asked to work on an assignment and present your findings to the interview panel and the other internship candidates. There’s no need to panic, though – you won’t be thrown into the deep end! Instead, you’ll be briefed about your assignment via telephone about four days beforehand, so you will have plenty of time to put your presentation together.

5. Get an Offer

Once you’ve completed all interview stages, it’s a waiting game. As there are so many candidates, it does take the recruitment team a good while to review each one and pick the final few that will secure a spot on the internship team.

According to user reviews left by past interns on Glassdoor, it can take up to seven weeks to receive a phone call delivering the good news.

Although it can be tough to get an internship offer from Red Bull, if you are lucky enough to secure one, you’ll instantly be treated as a member of the team. And unlike other companies, your ideas will be accepted and encouraged, rather than be placed on the back-burner. And who knows? If you manage to prove your skills, you can even end up with a full-time employment offer and become an official wings team member.

Have you ever applied for an internship at Red Bull? If so, join in on the conversation below and let us know about your experiences!