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CVS / JAN. 13, 2016
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5 Things on Your Resume That Make You Look Old

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It’s true: we live in a culture obsessed with youth. And even though many people in their 50s and 60s are still working, age discrimination, unfortunately, still exists in the workplace.

If you want to make yourself more attractive to potential employers, the key is to show them that you’re full of energy and to look fresh; your age doesn’t really matter.

However, we’re not saying that you should hide your face (and years) by not uploading any photos to your LinkedIn profile because it could raise employers’ eyebrows and make them wonder what you’re really trying to hide. And since you’re going to have to attend an interview at some point, they’re going to eventually see you, so there’s really no point in hiding.

You need to draw employers’ attention away from your age and amaze them with your exceptional skills and knowledge instead. But in order to do that, you need to acknowledge the five possible ways your resume makes you look a tad out of touch.

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1. An Objective Statement

Styles change over the years. You wouldn’t wear the same shoes or clothes as you did 25 years ago, right? Well, the same thing applies to resumes. The way resumes are written has greatly changed over time. An objective statement was a must 25 years ago but if you currently have a resume with an objective statement as your opening paragraph, then your resume is simply out of date.

You need to update your resume by creating a short and snappy summary statement that focuses on what you can do for the employer and what you can contribute to the company.

2. An Old-Fashioned Email Address

About two decades ago, an email address meant that you were a pioneer; even the fact that you had an email address or knew how to surf the web meant you were way ahead of everyone else. Nowadays, however, AOL is more of an antique system slowly heading to same graveyard where outdated sites like Hi5 and MySpace are buried.

If you want to be trendy, it’s better to use Gmail which is free and very simple to join. Bear in mind that you also need to use a professional email address with your name or a variation of it like to better match your resume.

3. Clichés

Something that really annoys hiring managers is the use of too many clichés on your resume. Worn-out phrases such as “detail-oriented” or “excellent communication skills” need to be removed completely from all resumes. Hiring managers read hundreds of resumes every day, so it’s quite natural that they grow tired of reading the same things over and over again. Dare to be different; if you use specific and unique examples to highlight your skills and achievements, you’ll definitely get the recruiter’s attention.

4. Outdated Skills

If you include technical skills like “Wrote MS-DOS control programs” or “Managed IBM mainframe computers” and other outdated technologies, it will not only reveal that you’re over 50 but that you’re also caught in a time warp. Simply keep your skills to current and relevant technologies like “SEO customization” and “Middleware and integration software”.

5. A Long Work History

If you’re in your 30s or 40s and have been working your whole life, then there’s no way you’ll be able to avoid a long work history. However, there’s really no need to mention every single job you’ve ever had – especially your first ones that may also be completely unrelated to your career. Just list your most recent jobs and, of course, the ones that are relevant to the specific job post to make it easier for the hiring manager to assess whether you’re a good fit for the role.

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By updating these little details, you’re sure to have a fresh, modern and up-to-date resume to represent yourself as an experienced candidate who is on top of their game.

Do you agree that a resume could make someone look old? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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