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JOB SEARCH / JAN. 29, 2013
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A Guide to Using Online Recruitment Websites

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Online recruitment websites are one of the top ways of finding employment anywhere in the world. Through the internet, job seekers are able to connect with recruiters across the globe and apply for job vacancies. There are a number of benefits recruitment platforms offer, and it is imperative that you take full advantage of this resource when applying for a job.

The following is a basic guide to using online recruitment websites:


The first step in using an online recruitment website is to complete the registration procedure. The job seeker will be required to enter basic information with regards to their job search; from providing details on where they wish to work and what industry, to their contact preferences and preferred job type. Once you have registered on a website successfully, you will be sent a confirmation email that will activate your job seeker account on the recruitment website.


After confirming and activating your job seeker account, you have the ability to browse jobs postings and apply for suitable positions. However, it is imperative to complete your profile on the website before you begin applying for job vacancies as recruiters can view your profile. You can upload your picture, describe their occupation and industry, as well as indicate their career level and years of experience in this section.

CV Builder

The CV builder is a specially designed tool that many recruitment websites integrate in their website. Through using a CV builder, individuals are able to input their skills, education, experience and other important details and obtain a professionally structured CV as a result. It is advised that job seekers build their CV using this tool to obtain maximum exposure in CV searches.

The tool is designed in a way that it is user friendly and straightforward, enabling job seekers the ability to create a CV that is uniform with the rest of the CVs in the recruitment database. Most recruitment websites enable you to save their CV in their account and edit it whenever necessary, whilst some websites enable individuals to create multiple CVs as well.

Cover letter

Many recruitment websites also allow job seekers to upload or copy-paste their cover letter along with their CV on their online profile, ready to apply for jobs with. This is an opportunity for the individual to highlight their particular skills and experience with regards to a specific job. As there is likely to be a “Multiple Cover Letter” option, job seekers can tailor their cover letter for each specific job vacancy they apply for, thereby increasing the probability of securing employment.

Job search

After job seekers have built their professional CV and cover letter, they are ready to start their job search. Most recruitment websites enable users to search according to industry, location, and keywords thus narrowing down vacancies that best match their requirements. Through using the “Advance Search” option, individuals are able to specify their job type, industry, start date and salary preferences.

Apply for jobs

Through the job search, individuals can find job posts that appeal to them and apply for the vacancy. Most recruitment websites are designed to allow job seekers to apply for the job by choosing their CV and cover letter appropriate to the job. Once you have applied, you have the ability to manage your applications and be contacted by the recruiter through email alerts corresponding to your contact preferences.


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