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CVS / JUL. 12, 2013
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Creative Resume Ideas!

The competition is heating up for jobs of all levels, industries and specialisms, particularly in this current tough economic climate – so how can you make sure you stand out from the masses?

The simple answer is this - build a creative and eye catching resume!

Here are some ideas of creative resume types that will help get you noticed by your dream employer…


An animated resume in video format could be just the thing that will get you noticed by the recruiter, and potentially the whole office! If you create the animation yourself, the resume will be a testament to your skills, creativity, and effort for the job application.


Create a pamphlet or brochure resume to spice up the standard A4 page resume format. By printing your resume in the form of a brochure/pamphlet, you will have the chance to add in your own unique creative flare, interesting images, and a tailored design.

Comic book/magazine

If you are applying for a design job or a journalist position, then creating a comic book or magazine style resume will see you jump to the top of the ‘candidates to interview‘ list. While a comic book style resume should ideally include all the relevant information on one page, a magazine resume will give you more space to add in pictures, develop a unique design, and include examples of your portfolio.

Kit Box

The kit box resume is a great idea if you have the time, money and energy to create one! You will need a type of gift box, which will have to include all the necessary elements to highlight your talents and abilities. The box and its contents will act as your resume so make use of any space on the box (inside and out) and add in portfolio pieces, a USB device with links to your online work and blog sites, and any other creative ideas such as photos.


Print your resume onto an A3 or A2 page so resemble a poster. This will definitely attract a recruiter's attention, not just because of the size of the document, but because you have taken a different approach to your job application.


An edgy and increasingly popular idea for creating a resume is to have it printed onto a t-shirt for each job you are applying for. Add a twist by including the company logo for each job applied for, tailor the resume accordingly, and print it onto a t-shirt with an eye-catching design or image to accompany it.


Infographics are one of the newest resume trends, whereby candidates compile the most relevant and interesting information about themselves into a graphic visual representation. By using colours, bold graphics, and a combination of tables, charts, graphs and photos, you can effectively create a completely unique and tailored resume.

Web inspired

If applying for jobs such as Google or other big company names, adapt your paper resume to the layout of that company's webpage. This not only shows to potential employers that you have taken the time to research their company, but it also displays your skills and creativity.


Video resumes have become a popular choice for many candidates applying for jobs across a range of different employment sectors. This is because a video resume allows you to interact with your employer without even meeting them, it also gives you the chance to create a better first impression than what may be achievable from your standard paper resume. By speaking to the recruiter through a video portal, you can better communicate your personality and characteristics – which are often very important to recruiters when hiring new employees. 

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