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Creative Resumes That Got Millennials Hired

Flashy resumes are the selling weapons of young job hunters eager to make a positive impression and set themselves apart in today’s increasingly competitive job market. People employ every possible creative strategy – from videos, infographics, websites, cereal boxes and more to stand out and showcase their skills in a tangible way.  

If you want to create a unique resume that will appeal to prospective employers and increase your chances of landing your next job, you have to dare and demonstrate your skills imaginatively. For inspiration, here are a few resumes that got Millenials hired:

1.  Alice Lee

This girl skipped classes in order to create an amazing resume/website called Dear Instagram – With Love, Alice as she wanted to work for Instagram. The site showcases her programming and design skills as well as her passion for photography and web startups. The UPenn student also included some of her Instagram photos. She didn’t land a gig at Instagram because the web startup was not hiring interns that time; however, Lee was contacted by Instagram’s cofounder and CEO, Kevin Systrom, on the phone. Lee ended up landing an internship with Path, because her site went viral.

2.  Chris Spurlock

This guy posted his resume on Twitter and Facebook and after a couple of hours his resume took the internet by storm. Spurlock has a true love for infographics, so he decided to hop on Illustrator and visualise his CV in an amazingly creative way. The resume includes a clever timeline of his experiences, as well as a graph illustrating his skills at various levels. Interestingly, Spurlock got a job offer from the Huffington Post as an infographic design editor, right after he graduated from college.

3.   Jordan McDonnell

This Millennial decided to showcase his skills and qualifications in a form of a Slideshare presentation called “This is Not My Resume”. He chronologically presents the key milestones of his life’s journey using maps and engaging photos and also showcases his various skills using creative imagery. In order to enhance his personal brand, he also includes different media coverage, highlighting the number of views his CV got. His goal was to find a job that allows him to be creative, so naturally a creative resume was the way to go. In the end, McDonnell got a job as an account manager with Twitter.

4.   Josh Butler 


Butler has taken his job search to the next level. The 18-year-old auctioned himself on eBay for £16,000 in the hope of landing a job. His advert featured the title “Josh Butler Wants a Job” and he came up with this innovative idea after failing to receive a single interview offer. The teenager eventually managed to receive offers for interviews with John Lewis and two call centers.

5.    Philip Dubost

Being a big shopper at Amazon, Dubost came up with the idea of creating an Amazon-style CV that finally won him 150 job offers! The guy marketed himself as a product sold on Amazon on a site that features a cart that links you to a contact page. His site got over one million hits in eight days, 33,000 Facebook likes; and thousands of Tweets. Not to mention the 1,000 messages and about 150 job opportunities he received after his CV went viral. 

These are just a few examples of the many unique resumes Millennials created to differentiate themselves from tons of other job seekers who use conventional CVs. If the job calls for being creative, why not come up with a cool concept to showcase what you can offer to the employer? You don’t even have to be a web designer or a marketing specialist to do it. All the aforementioned Millennials invested as much as they could in creativity and innovation so that their resume reflects themselves and their skill set.  

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