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How to Design Your Own Creative Resume For Free

Creative Resumes from Kukook

In today’s highly competitive world, it is not only what you know that counts but also how you transform your creative thinking into a product that will add value to your personal and professional development. This is to a great extent the case when it comes to selling yourself through a CV.     

We live in an era whereby creativity and innovation are paramount elements for people to stand out from the crowd. Showcasing information in alternative and original ways makes it easier for people to win their target audience’s attention. When it comes to selling yourself with your resume, you can’t ignore creativity. Your success greatly depends on how different you will market your personality and all your strong traits.

Your resume is incredibly important in order to pass the first step – getting a call for the interview. For a resume to be effective, it needs much more than just listing your details, qualifications, and achievements. A genuinely creative resume gives candidates a competitive edge by showcasing their unique personality and capabilities. Obviously, selection depends on many other factors too, but demonstrating your individuality with your resume is a huge bonus to thrive in a large application pool.

How to make your resume stand out:

Designing a creative resume can be fun; however, you want to be sure that it still serves its ultimate purpose – to showcase your talent and experience. Keep in mind these tips to ensure your resume remains creative:

  • Use splashes of bold colours as well as different font types - other than Times New Roman or Arial - and design elements, pictures, graphs, etc.
  • Keep important information in prominent locations.
  • Mind your spacing – make sure your lines and text are evenly spaced throughout the resume.
  • Use icons (for example, put an icon of a phone next to your phone number).
  • Include a picture of yourself.
  • Use graphs to portray skills and knowledge.
  • Print the resume on thicker paper.
  • Consider using paper that is not pure white, such as eggshell or grey.


Most importantly…Choose Your Professional Resume Template from Kukook

If you are not confident in creating your own resume from scratch, use one of the resume templates featured in this article, or browse for other resume templates from Kukook. Use this service to obtain artistic resume templates, which can be easily edited in Microsoft Word. Formatting a CV should not worry you anymore. The only thing you have to do is to choose an object and change its colours and customise its style in Microsoft Word.

You can choose from entry level resume templates which are suitable for recent graduates or those with 2 years of experience, and only consist of one page. Professional resume templates are best for individuals with 3 – 10 years of experience and can contain multiple pages (usually maximum two). Finally, executive resume templates are usually considered for professionals with 10+ years of experience.

Last but not least, remember that today it is the era of differentiation. This calls for adding personality and flavor in your CV. There are no more black and white resumes. Play with design, colours, patterns, images and text to showcase your projects and supplement with your personal experiences and information.

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