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Top 10 Careers for Artistic Types

Right now is both a great and a terrible time for artistic types. The world has witnessed many gifted artists fail miserably. It has also seen many innovators who have redefined mankind forever. So what separates them? Why are some people super-successful in their career while others don’t manage to make it big?

Here are two reasons we can think of.

  • Identifying your talent early is the mark of success: Identifying or knowing the ‘genius inside you’ is never easy. People discover their own talents either by accident or out of interest. The earlier you find your talent, the more likely you are to succeed in your career.  
  • Adjusting with time or thinking ahead: Choosing a career with the current job trends in mind is a sensible idea. For instance, print media is declining slowly and so jobs in advertising and graphic design are hard to come by. On the other hand, many creative heads are moving towards multimedia design, which works better in a virtual environment.

So it is important to know what’s hot today. If you can think ahead, you will be helping yourself for the future.

Now that you have identified your talent, here are some suggestions to help you ‘make it big’, based on what you were good at as a child.  

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1. R&D Chef

If, as a child, you followed your mom to the kitchen just to watch how she prepared various dishes or you followed the various cookery shows on TV, it could mean that you were born to be a chef. A career as a Research and Development Chef is a promising one. You will require formal culinary education, three years of experience as a chef and some product development experience to become a R&D Chef.

Average Annual Salary: $51,000

Job Outlook 2012-22 - 5%

2. Music Producer

Since childhood, you may have been very creative with your mixing, matching and recording skills. If so, then, this could be the perfect career path for you. Find your music production school today for a suitable music career. A position as a music producer could be your dream job. Qualification requirements can vary, but the most common is a bachelor’s degree in music production.

Average Annual Salary: $49,000

Job Growth (2012-2022) - 5%

3. Video Game Designer

video game designer

For some people, the child in them never dies, especially when playing video games. A report suggests that we spend three billion hours playing video games every week. If you’ve been one of those adults who carry a child-like attitude for playing video games, then why not consider becoming a video game designer? Bring your artistic talents and imaginative thinking together to make an exciting career as a video game designer

Average Annual Salary:  $48,281

Job Outlook 2012-22 - 6%

4. Landscape Architect

You must have seen and enjoyed the beautiful gardens/parks in your city as a child. Have you ever wanted to replicate the people who designed them? If so, there may be a landscape architect in you. As a landscape architect, you bring life to outdoor spaces by turning your vision into beautifully-designed parks and gardens in many areas around towns and cities.

Average Annual Salary: $51,973

Job Outlook 2012-22 - 14%

5. Balloon Twister

Who says balloons are not for adults? Believe it or not, these fun jobs are far more rewarding than the boring 8-hour per day jobs in the office. According to Wall Street, balloon twisting has been and continues to be the most popular form of event entertainment in the past decade.

Average Annual Salary: $36,000

Job Outlook, 2012-22 - 33%

6. Stand-up Comedian


Do you have people laughing all the time? Are you a creative comedian? Why not turn your talent into a career. As a comedian, you need no formal education. However, there are some enrichment classes to enhance your unique skills. You will perform in front of big audiences and therefore, stand an opportunity of becoming very popular.

Average Annual Salary: $30,000

Job Outlook 2012-22 - 4%

7. Accessory Designer

Are you blessed with an incredible fashion sense? Want to stand out from the crowd in designing magical pieces of fashion accessories? Then a career in accessory designing could be just the job for you. Accessory designing requires a bachelors degree and you must have a portfolio of your work. You will be working and so competing in the fashion industry which involves designing belts, bags, scarves, jewelry, shoes, eyewear and others.

Average Annual Salary: $41,000

Job Outlook 2012-22 - 3%

8. Graphic Novelist

Ever thought of writing graphic novels or comic books? Are you good at developing plots, making characters and bringing together emotional and action elements? Maybe a graphic novelist’s job is just for you. As a graphic novelist, you may have to team up with editors, colorists and inkers to work for small press comics or major publishing houses. 

Average Annual Salary: $49,000

Job Outlook 2012-22 - 3%

9. Photo Stylist

As a photo stylist, you will be responsible for working closely with a photographer to bring the perfect tone to a photographic story. You will bring the best combination of colors, lightning and props to set the right mood for the photograph.

Average Annual Salary: $46,583

Job Outlook 2012-22 - 13%

10. Manicure Technician

If you take up a job as a manicure technician, you will be working as a nail artist, painting and polishing customers nails and airbrushing them. You will also be expected to do nail grooming including cutting and cleaning nails. Your job will require you to be up-to-date on the latest nail trends, products and techniques.   

Average Annual Salary: $21,760

Job Outlook 2012-22 - 16%

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Do you see yourself as one of the creative artists mentioned above? Or do you belong to another career that is more creative and promising? Nevertheless, you are more likely to ‘make it big’ by identifying your innate talent early. All the Best!


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