Top 5 Apps for Creating a Dream Board

Dream Board

A dream board is traditionally a way for you to post pictures and images of your dreams and goals onto a poster board as a means of motivating you toward success. There are mobile apps for practically everything these days and dream boards are no exception. This article will show you the top 5 apps for creating dream boards and how you can find a way to utilize technology to motivate you to accomplish your dreams.

1. Jack Canfield Success

Jack Canfield is the author of ’Chicken Soup for the Soul’ and he has created a free vision board app that is available for iOS and Android devices. If you want to get the app for free, you can visit his website so that you get the bonus code. Mr. Canfield is a motivational author and speaker who trains people in the art of accomplishing goals and achieving success. He is a strong advocate of the theory that visualizing your goals is one of the key factors in achieving them.

2. Astraport Vision Board

Astraport, Inc. has created a vision board App that has received high ratings from the majority of mobile users. If you do not have the time to be overly creative in the creation of your dream board, this app would be helpful because there ready made templates that you can utilize to create your own board. This app is available on iOS and Android devices. There is a free version. However, you can also download a paid version where you will receive technical support by email if there are issues with the app.

3. Corkulous

The Corkulous App is a vision app that is a throw-back to the old school dream boards that people used to create on poster boards or cork boards. When you download this app and utilize it on your mobile device, it looks like you are actually posting on a cork board. This device is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices for $4.99. There is no free version of this app. You can use this app as a means to post images of your dreams and be more motivated toward accomplishing your goals.

4. The Vision Kit

On February 1, 2015, the updated version of The Vision Kit App was launched. The app is only available on iOS devices at this time for $0.99. The new version of the app includes password protection, a reminder system and social media integration. The upgraded app offers users the ability to create up to nine different dream boards, and they can pick from four vision board templates. In addition to being able to upload images from your device to the dream board, you are also able to add specific action statements to each board.

5. Dream Cloud

The Dream Cloud App is an excellent way for you to create a dream board for achieving your goals and it allows users the opportunity to set goals and make task lists. The entire point of creating a dream board is to motivate you to achieve goals. However, you always need to understand your why for wanting these “things” that are posted on your dream board. This App is good at helping users to focus on their why and how to stay focused on being motivated to accomplish these dreams. This app is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices for $3.99.

Have you ever created a dream board? If you started one today, what are some of the images that you would include?