How Yoga Can Help Your Career

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Stressors from your career can really take a toll on your body, both mentally and physically. After a while, symptoms such as sleep deprivation, anxiety, decreased focus and even physical pain begin to creep up and overwhelm you. By not taking preventative actions against these negative symptoms, you are only leading yourself further down a path that can spiral out of control, and potentially cost you your career.

Yoga, which many people see simply as a low-impact form of exercise, is a great way to take control over your body and mind. You can face those workplace stressors head on and take yourself on a journey towards a healthy future in both your personal and career life.

Why You Should Practice Yoga

Some people tend to scoff at the idea of practicing yoga because all they can imagine is a group of people stretching and chanting in a room. While there are a few styles of yoga that do focus on chanting at the core, there are also numerous other styles that are often very vigorous physically, as well as mentally.

Regardless of the style, the benefits of yoga are overwhelmingly positive and can help professionals in high-paced, stressful careers.

  1. Reduced Stress – In such a career driven world, stress always seems to be knocking on our door. The practice of yoga can really help to clear and focus your mind, leaving you with a calmer outlook on life and how you carry yourself, especially in the workplace, without falling into other unhealthy ways to relieve stress.
  2. Ease Depression and Anxiety – Even extremely healthy people can fall into slumps or become overwhelmed, and it happens to more people than you may think. There have been studies showing that yoga improves mood, better than other types of physical activity, thus helping to rid of depression and anxiety.
  3. Physical Fitness – More physically intense forms of yoga, such as Ashtanga and Iyengar, utilize the strength and power of the body, resulting in improved fitness levels. When the body becomes healthier, so does the mind, and one of yoga’s greatest advantages is the fact that it improves upon both at the same time. Once your body is functioning at its best, your brain is free to operate at its highest levels which will help you to be much more productive in the workplace.
  4. Increased Brain Function – It has been shown that even just a short yoga practice can increase brain function. By focusing the mind, you are able to increase memory and learning capacity, both of which have been seen after carrying out a yoga session. Just think of how this can work to your advantage in your job! You will be able to retain more information that is being tossed in your direction and use your mind to its full creative potential while performing your usual tasks.

    When to Practice Yoga

    The practice of yoga is one that is deeply personal and should fit into your schedule in whatever way is most suitable to your lifestyle. However, completing yoga sequences first thing in the morning may have more benefits for those who are in high-stress jobs. It can not only help to wake you up in order to begin your morning, but it can also set the tone for how you carry out the rest of your day by clearing your mind to allow for better focus. If waking up is a daunting task for you, start out slow and ease into a morning practice.

    Now, if you are absolutely against having to get out of bed earlier than you absolutely must, an evening sequence is fine, as well. It is really important to know about the different poses though, as some are meant to be invigorating and awakening, which you may want to avoid if you are practicing right before bedtime.

    What to Take Away

    Yoga can be whatever you want it to be. It is up to you to determine the intensity and style that is best suited for you and your personality, but the benefits can be reaped in any form that you choose. By clearing your mind and improving your body through the practice of yoga, you are allowing for your mind to operate at its best in order to perform your job to the fullest potential.

    You can reduce the stress that you have taken on from work, all while improving your mood and outlook on life. After a while, you will begin to develop a cycle of mindfulness that will find its way from inside of you into your environment.

    Be sure to do your research and find a high quality class in order to safely learn the practice if you are not already educated in that area. Once you know what you are doing, you can easily continue your practice in the comfort of your home, with valuable yoga resources at your fingertips if you would need them.