The iGaming Sector and Its Amazing Potential for Employment

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iGaming or online gambling - whatever name you wish to give it, they both refer to the same thing - the fastest growing digital industry in the world. Online gambling is taking over, with global sales hitting a record $61 billion in 2015 and showing no sign of slowing down, now is the time to consider changing careers.

A New Rapidly Expanding Digital Sector

Betting on online sports, using virtual casinos, and interactive gambling has almost become a sport in itself. But a sector that has so much growth must have the support staff to back it up. Due to is phenomenal growth and success, a new global sector for employment has emerged, and it is fast becoming one of the most lucrative job sectors on the planet.

There is a huge range of reputable companies out there like these as seen on this site and they all offer lucrative salaries, fantastic career advancement, and great working conditions. I am sure that you will recognise some of these names, and that you love using their services, but have you ever wondered more about how they work?

Malta’s Thriving iGaming Industry

Let us look for a moment at the tiny island of Malta. I bet if I asked you where it was on a map, the majority of you would not be able to tell me where it is, so for those of you that do not know, let me tell you. Malta is a small island in the southern Mediterranean, a member of the EU, and The British Commonwealth, this island has fast become an international hub for iGaming.

With a population of just 440,000 people, it employs almost 10,000 people who are directly involved in the online gambling industry. These individuals have roles such as customer service agents, programmers, graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, video dealers, affiliate managers, legal specialists in iGaming law, compliance experts, account managers, payment and fraud executives and trading and odds analysts.

The market is extremely competitive, and for a country whose minimum wage is around €750 per month, a salary in the iGaming sector typically starts at €2000 a month. I am sure you can imagine, having this number of people on the island, with this amount of disposable income in their pocket is a huge boost to the local economy and iGaming companies, and related entities keep flocking to the small island to take advantage of its favourable legal framework and fiscal tax incentives. All of the big names in the industry have a presence in the country - big players such as NetEnt, Betsson, Paddy Power, Mr Green, and BetFair.

Other countries that have a big iGaming scene industry include the UK, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man.

Brexit will Damage the UKs Online Gambling industry

The UK has one of the most established iGaming sectors and employs thousands of people in various roles related to online gambling. Unfortunately, due to Brexit and the UK’s forthcoming exit from the European Union, the industry has been thrown into uncertainty, and it seems that as soon as the departure is formalised, a lot of big names will seek a more secure climate. Gibraltar is expected to suffer a similar fate despite putting on a brave face; after Brexit, it is expected that most iGaming firms will either shut down their Gibraltar operations entirely or relocate all employees to another location such as Malta.

It is expected that the gaming industry in Malta will continue to grow and the need for more talent will increase. With regulatory simplifications and reforms expected later in 2017 from the Malta Gaming Authority, it is thought that more and more personnel will be needed to fill roles in the country as time progresses.

Foreign Workers are Making Life Harder for Local Talent

The industry is not free from criticism though, even when it comes to its employment practices. iGaming companies have come under fire from critics due to their “inflated” salaries and practice of hiring foreign speaking staff. Out of the 10,000 or so people employed in the sector in Malta, it is estimated that a large percentage of them are foreigners. These people are brought into the country, given jobs paying up to 20 times the local minimum wage and are possibly taking jobs that could be given to local talent.

Another issue being attributed to the influx of employees is the rise in local rental prices. Highly paid foreign workers are often more than willing to part with €1000 a month for a flat to be near to their place of. This of course drives up the cost of all properties across the whole country and means that locals and individuals on lower wages are finding it increasingly difficult to afford to rent.

The Industry is Still Growing

The good thing about taking up a job in this area is that you would be choosing a career in a sector that is on an incredible upwards trajectory. Growth in the field on a worldwide basis is growing exponentially and is showing no sign of slowing down.

If you think about the fact that gambling has been around for thousands of years in one form or another, and then combine this with the advent of technology, internet accessibility, and new ways of accessing online gambling - then you will begin to understand why this is an industry that will never die. Choosing this career is a smart move and one that will reward you with fantastic career progression, the chance to move to a new location, and of course an excellent salary to match.

Online gambling is a thriving industry on a global scale, and there are so many opportunities for people with almost any skill set from almost any country. Whether you are a graphic designer looking for a new challenge, a customer service expert who happens to speak Finnish, or an HR executive with a passion for people, then there is a place in the sector for you.

Employers are Investing in Training to Retain Employees

As the popularity and value of the sector soars so does the demand for only the best talent. Employers will want to invest in training you and in honing your skills to ensure that you are the best that you can be. In such a competitive industry, companies must stay one step ahead of their competitors and this means hiring only the best minds that they can find, and ensuring that they don’t jump ship and take a job with the enemy!

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