The 10 Best Jobs for a Car Mechanic

The 10 Best Jobs for a Car Mechanic

Do you want to work with your hands? Do you have an interest in automobiles or machinery? If so, you might make an excellent mechanic. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “the number of vehicles in use continues to rise, and more entry-level service technicians will be needed to do basic maintenance and repairs, such as replacing brake pads and changing oil.” So, there’s a demand. Here’s a look at the 10 top careers for mechanics.

1. Auto Technician

An auto technician works for dealerships and auto repair shops. Several mechanical issues can stop a vehicle from working. Auto technicians diagnose these issues, and recommend and complete services. Services may include replacing brakes, changing fluids, servicing the engine, completing tune-ups, and a variety of other general maintenance jobs.

2. Transmission Mechanic

Transmissions are expensive, and many vehicle owners cannot afford to buy a brand new transmission. They may buy a refurbished transmission or have their transmission serviced by a mechanic who specializes in this area. Transmission mechanics use their knowledge of computer controls and electrical systems to rebuild or repair parts of the transmissions.

3. Motorcycle Mechanic

Some mechanics only have experience working on cars and trucks, but there’s also the option of becoming a motorcycle mechanic. Your role includes diagnosing, adjusting and repairing motorcycles, mopeds, dirt bikes, and other motorized vehicles under 1000 pounds.

4. Brake Mechanic

There are general mechanics who can fix a variety of issues with a vehicle. However, some mechanics only work on car brakes. Your responsibilities include adjusting brakes, replacing brake pads, and troubleshooting other problems with the braking system.

5. Automotive AC Repairman

Additionally, you can focus your training on automotive air-conditioning repair. This involves installing new air-conditioning components and servicing car air-conditioning systems.

6. Customer Service Representative

Being a licensed mechanic doesn’t mean you have to repair cars. You can begin your career as a serviceman for an auto repair shop, and then transition into customer service. Although you won’t service vehicles, you’ll know enough about cars to make recommendations, explain the types of services, and ensure customers are satisfied with the level of service. Customer service reps need good people and communication skills.

7. Automotive Salesperson

This might come as a surprise, but some auto salespeople began their careers as a mechanic. Knowledge of how cars operate can be valuable when selling automobiles. You can answer questions and make suggestions based on the customer’s needs.

8. Mechanic Teacher

 Some community colleges and vocational schools have auto mechanic classes, and these courses are taught by licensed mechanics. You need good communication skills and a strong knowledge of the automotive industry. You’ll teach students about car mechanical systems, and how to diagnose and fix a variety of mechanical issues.

9. Auto Parts Salesperson

Not only does a background as a mechanic help if you decide to sell cars, you’re also qualified to work as an auto parts salesperson. Some people handle their own car repairs; and when they visit an auto parts store, they need good advice and recommendations from knowledgeable salespeople.

10. Service Manager

Every mechanic shop has a service manager. This individual is highly knowledgeable and has years of experience as a technician. They also manage a team of mechanics.

There’s a multitude of career options available to you. A career as a mechanic can be rewarding and there’s opportunity to advance in the field.