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10 Questions That Will Help You Find Your Dream Job

If you're not satisfied at work and want to find your dream job don't worry! There are ways to find out what it is. These questions will help you out.

Many people question the idea that a dream job exists. This is because finding the perfect job can seem impossible. A dream needs to meet your own job requirements, career needs and wants. But is that achievable?

The definition of a ‘dream job’ is different for everyone though career expert Pete Leibman has come up with a great one. According to him, “a dream job is a job that combines your talents and passion in a way that is meaningful to you” and he’s 100 percent spot on.

But, here’s another one I just came up with: your dream job is a job that gives your life meaning and is far more than what a paycheck can offer. Your dream job allows you to make your career aspirations a reality while taking into account what makes you happy and drives you forward. As such it’s crucial that you find out what motivates you.

If you are struggling to find yours, here are some great questions to ask yourself.

1. What Are You Really Good At?

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Do you have any particular talents that were obvious to you as a child? Is there anything that you consider yourself good at? Going back to when you were in school can help you find out where your career inclinations lie and as such determine what the right job is for you. Think about which subjects you enjoyed the most as a student as this will likely tell you what you are naturally good at. Some people enjoyed solving math problems, and others had a blast during the art lessons. Investing in your strongest skills will help you choose a job wisely and succeed in it.

2. What Makes You Happy?

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Your dream job should be a job that makes you happy. It should make you feel content because you are contributing to something meaningful. This can only be achieved when your personality and interests match perfectly with a job that offers you exactly what you need and allows you to be yourself. If it helps, you can imagine what your ideal workday would be like. Think about the place, the people, the times you will be working and ask yourself how this makes you feel. Can you actually see yourself doing it? Then try it out and see what happens.

3. What Jobs Do Others Have That You Wished Were Yours?

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Someone might call this jealousy, but it’s not. If you want to get a job a friend of yours has, this doesn’t make you a bad or envious person. Quite the contrary, it simply means that you admire your friend, and you would like to achieve what they managed to. In fact, this can tell you where you are most suited to work. Find out what your friend is doing and what his work involves. Perhaps you want the job because it’s a position that’s been looked upon highly and makes you feel important. Think about what makes you wish it was yours.

4. Why Do You Think You Are Here?

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This is a deep question though it’s one everyone should be asking themselves. Giving an answer to why you are here is important because it helps you find out what your purpose in life is. It might be difficult to answer this, but you can find what you are looking for by paying attention to the experiences you have been forced to go through. Many people manage to find their true calling after they overcome great obstacles in their life. So, think about what made you who you are now and learn from the lessons life gave you. You may struggle to find the answer to this question right now, but it will eventually come to you.

5. What Wouldn’t You Mind Doing For Free?

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Getting paid to do what you love might feel strange, so when you finally get your dream job, you will know it. When you do, it won’t feel like you are working. Instead, it will be like offering your services for free. While I am not encouraging you to work for free, it’s usually a prerequisite to finding a job that fulfills you and doesn’t make you question your career goals and trajectory. Your dream job is that one job you are willing to do for free.

6. What Are You Most Passionate About?

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This question is one of the most difficult ones to answer. Why? Well, there may be many things that you can do, and you are good at, but how can you distinguish between them? Your passion is something that you want to work on every single day and can’t imagine your life without. This could your hobby, an activity that you enjoy or even a cause you care about and want to fight for. Think about what you want to learn everything about. Also, pay attention to what you are continuously arguing about or defending with your friends. This represents your beliefs, values and what you find most important in life.

7. Where Do You Prefer Working?

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Where do you feel most comfortable? Could you see yourself in a business-like environment, a school or another institution? Finding out where you would like to work is crucial because this forces you to think about your ideal work environment, what kind of people you are more likely to work with and allows you to think if this would make you happy or not. To help you out, just get a pen and paper and write down where you see yourself.

So, for example, can you visualise yourself wearing some sort of uniform? Working on a plane, in the army, in a factory? Also, think about your surroundings. Would it be an office-like environment or working outdoors and being close to nature? Your dream job is really what you create for yourself.

8. What Inspires You the Most?

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What inspires you to take action? What’s the first thing that comes up when you think of work? Your job is the one thing that will force you to get out of your bed and get going. This means that you want to do something that gives you the motivation to go the extra mile. You just need to find out what gives you the inspiration to do that. For example, does seeing disadvantaged people make you want to help? How do you want to do that?   

Every job essentially allows you to help other people one way or another. If your dream job requires you to dress up as a clown at a birthday party, you are making small children happy. If then again, your job is to calculate taxes as an accountant you are making other people’s lives easier by helping them out. Once you find what makes you want to invest everything in your job, you will be able to see things more clearly as far as it concerns your dream job.

9. What’s Your Preferred Style of Work?

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This question is crucial. Not only can it help you determine the amount of hours you will be working per day but also your lifestyle. If you don’t think you could survive working in an office, there are many options to choose from. Perhaps you would like to do something on your own. Create your own job, start freelancing or start your own business. New jobs are emerging all the time thanks to technology. If becoming an entrepreneur is your dream job, then go for it.

10. How Can You Make The World Better?

If you are dreaming big and think you can change the world, then I am sure you are going to accomplish great things in your life. You may not know what your dream job is right now, but you know that you want to do something that has a profound impact on the world, and that’s a very good start. What you can do is aim for the best and do your best in whatever field you choose.

Lastly, you’ll know that you have found your dream job when:

  • You use your gifts and talents
  • You are doing what you love (using the things that you love)
  • Working with people you love and want to help
  • Spending time in the places you love
  • Working on problems, issues, and needs you care about
  • You get to have those experiences you love
  • You feel that you are fulfilling your life’s purpose

Finding your dream job isn’t an easy thing to do, but it's not impossible either. These ten questions can be your guide, and you can come back to consult them at any point!

So, how do you envision your dream job? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…

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