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10 Signs You Have Found Your Dream Job

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Hopping from job to job every couple of years can be frustrating and tiresome. But for anyone who has yet to find the perfect job, this is the story of their life.

Finding a dream job isn’t a walk in the park. And unfortunately, you might have to accept many different positions before you find the right fit. Even then, it might be hard to determine whether you’ve actually found your dream job. Every job has its highs and lows, but here are 10 signs that you’ve found the perfect match based on your skills and personality.

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1. Your Job Doesn't Feel Like a Chore

In the past, going to work might have felt like a boring, tedious chore you were forced to do. And you likely counted the minutes until it was time to go home. If it’s a completely different scenario with your present job, and if you’re always ready to tackle your assignments and the days fly by quicker, you might be exactly where you need to be professionally.

2. You No Longer Obsess About Money

Perhaps your previous jobs didn’t pay enough to keep up with the cost-of-living, and you stayed awake obsessing about money each night. Your present job could be what you’ve been looking for if you earn enough to pay your bills, plus have a cushion for achieving financial goals like building an emergency fund or saving for retirement. This doesn’t mean you never have the occasional worry about money. But financial worries rarely consume your every waking thought.

3. You Don't Feel as Burnt Out

Some jobs have a way of zapping all the energy out of us. An overly demanding job might require spending long hours at the office and working weekends. Even if you earn a decent salary, you might hardly consider this a dream job. On the other hand, if you’re now able to enjoy a healthy work-life balance with your current position — while earning a decent salary and liking what you do — you’ve likely found your dream job.

4. You're a Happier Person

Spending 40 or 50 hours a week at a place you hate, around people you don’t like can make you miserable and unhappy. However, your present job might be a keeper if going to the office no longer causes your blood pressure to increase, and if you feel more happier and upbeat during the day — even when you face work-related trials.

5. You Don't Mind Getting Up in the Mornings

If you’ve found the perfect job, you don’t mind getting up and going to work every day. Not to say you don’t cherish those mornings when you’re able to sleep in or enjoy the day off. But unlike working at your previous jobs, you no longer feel sick to your stomach when your alarm sounds in the mornings. Now, you greet each day with a positive mindset, and you’re ready to get your day started.

6. You No Longer Cry on the Last Day of Vacation

If you’ve hated your jobs in the past, you might have felt major anxiety on the last day of vacation knowing you had to return to the office. If you now feel refreshed, energized and ready to head back to work after a vacation, this is a sign that you’ve found the right occupation.

7. You're Proud of Your Work

Another indicator of being in your dream job is being proud of the work you do. You’re not embarrassed to tell others where you work or talk about the nature of your assignments. Unlike jobs you’ve held in the past, you feel like you’re an asset to the company, and that you’re able to grow to your full potential.

8. You Like the People You Work With

Not only do you love what you do, you also enjoy working with the people on your job. Some people aren’t fortunate enough to have amazing colleagues, so they spend 40 hours a week with people they don’t trust. Being around a boss and coworkers who are friendly and supportive makes the workday more enjoyable.

9. You No Longer Read Job Ads

In the past, maybe you checked the help wanted ads every day in search of a better opportunity. This might be your dream job if you no longer have a desire to search for jobs, or if you can see yourself working with this company for years to come.

10. You Have All the Job Perks You've Always Wanted

Finding your dream job isn’t only about getting paid your worth and working with fantastic people. A dream job also includes receiving perks important to you, such as paid health insurance, paid vacations, adequate personal leave and retirement options.

If you’ve yet to find your dream job, don’t lose hope. The right job is out there. It might take time to find your match, but once the right opportunity comes along, you’ll know it.

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