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Funny Resignation Stories

Gone are the days when employees used to hand in a resignation letter or e-mail to their employers giving weeks of notice. Today, some people find creative ways to make their resignation spectacular and often go to extremes.  Disgruntled employees announce their resignation in such a way so as to condemn or even ridicule their boss. On the other hand, happy employees come up with inventive ways to say they quit their job in order to simply have fun with their peers and bosses.

I have compiled five quirky resignation stories from daring employees that will surely captivate you!

Resignation by cake

Chris Holmes, an airport worker in the UK submitted his resignation letter via a carrot cake that he baked. The 31 year-old British immigration officer at London Stansted Airport handed this large rectangular carrot cake in a box with his resignation letter iced onto it, to the manager on duty.

Holmes’ message on the cake explains that “Having recently become a father, I now realise how precious life is and how important it is to spend my time doing something that makes me, and other people, happy." Noting that it was his 31st birthday, Holmes added that he was resigning to "devote my time and energy to my family and to my cake business."

The idea to come up with a resignation letter in a form of a cake was a smart way to promote his business, Mr. Cake, an online bakery which he initiated three years ago. A photo of the cake was posted on Twitter by his brother in law and went viral from there!

Resigning through song

Phil Sipka, a barista at Robust Coffee Lounge in Chicago, USA, announced his decision to resign through song and the help of a quintet of singers known as The Voices. His bosses Jake and Derek witnessed the entire Motown-style singing resignation, and even laughed along and applauded at the end. The cafe's patrons also appeared amused and tickled in the video.

The young man sang: "I am quitting this job today hey hey hey I'm leaving / Even though I like it here. Gonna start a new career / Gonna make it to the top and start my coffee shop." Phil quit his job on a good note as he didn’t dislike his job neither hate his bosses or co-workers. The barista’s “I quit job” song spread a lot of fun amongst the staff and customers of the coffee lounge.  

A ‘whopper’ of a resignation letter

This story comes from a repressed and highly enraged Burger King employee who came up with a resignation letter - written in a furious tone - in order to state his intention to quit his job because he was going to law school. He argued that he hated the fast food chain and expressed his disapproval of his co-workers who couldn’t speak the language he speaks.  What’s more, the Burger King worker told his employer not to bother writing a reference letter for him because he doesn’t need one, especially from such a bad recruiter as Burger King.

The employee admitted in his letter that he pretended to like everyone but couldn’t wait to resign after finally having enough of working in the "hellhole called Burger King."

Announcing resignation…on air!

What’s more, television news anchors Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio quit their jobs on live TV. Without warning their bosses, the TV presenters announced on air that they were resigning at the end of their 6 p.m. newscast, shocking both staff and viewers.

Michaels explained that the reason for quiting was because “We were expected to do somewhat unbalanced news, politically, in general." The pair had come frustrated over senior management’s influence on newsroom practices which did not allow the anchors to work ethically and professionally.   

The co-anchors said the idea to resign was something they had talked about for some time and felt that announcing their resignation publicly was an ideal action to say goodbye to their wonderful community of viewers.

Scribbling a resignation on a price tag

In another case, a disgruntled Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. employee decided to announce his intention to resign by writing a message on a price tag of a store item, namely the Nuwave Pro Infrared Oven.

He scribbled the putdown of his manager on the price tag. He also slammed the oven itself saying "THIS IS FOR FAT F***S." And then the final statement: "I'M QUITTING TODAY." Interestingly, to his big surprise, the worker saw a photo of the price tag posted on the anonymous online forum, Reddit, which generated some 45,000 votes of approval or disapproval.

Do you have any funny or quirky resignation stories to add? Let us know in the comments section below.


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