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Top 10 Resignation Letter Examples That Are Crazy and Funny

You know you’ve really had it with your boss when you send him a resignation letter that says ‘I was only in it for the money’. This either means that you and your boss did not get along very well for a while now or that you’ve just found a better job that could lead you to the great Grasberg’s gold mine.

Even though I am not urging you to leave your job here, I am merely providing suggestions on how you could quit your job with style. This is great if you want to be remembered by your boss and your colleagues as the most craziest and rebellious person in the office. Now that’s a title everyone would want to earn… at least those who don’t really care about their jobs.

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If you are seriously considering of quitting your job, then you should know that there are many unconventional ways to do it. Check out some of the most hilarious resignation letters ever from people who must have hated their bosses to the bone:

1. A Sweet Resignation

I quit cake

What’s a better way to say ‘I quit’ than baking a cake that sweetens the bitter taste of your loss in your boss’ mouth? Despite the irony, this action might even make you the most caring employee in the office. Who else would have been so evil but at the same time as thoughtful as to take advantage over the fact their boss is a sweet tooth and eventually get out so easily?

This is so great I can even picture the scene:

You:  ‘Good morning, big boss, I am celebrating today.’
Boss: ‘Great! What are you celebrating?’
You: ‘The fact that I am quitting! Here, have some a cake’.

I mean, you can write something as simple as that and then put a smiley face next to it. Why not, right?

2. Dance It Out

Moe’s Grill’s manager decided that it was time to quit his demanding job by dancing it off to “Ice, Ice, Baby” on the restaurant’s counter. The way he did this was by ripping his shirt off to reveal the message, ‘I quit’. Along with his two buddies, he managed to pull off an awesome dancing routine that will forever be imprinted onto his boss’ mind.

3. Announce It on Twitter

Twitter resignation

Although Twitter has been popular for getting people fired, the most creative have actually used it the other way around. Sun Microsystems’ CEO Jonathan Schwartz took to Twitter to explain why he was leaving. Norwegian opinion editor Heidi Lunde also used Twitter to announce her resignation, stating that she was cleaning out her desk and preparing for new challenges. Way to go guys!

4. The Receipt

I Quit receipt

If you really want to be remembered as the meanest employee in the world, then all you have to do is write down what you feel about your boss. Take just any paper – even a receipt would do – and just let it all out! Be careful, though; you don’t want to be taken to court and ending up in prison for firing out inappropriate insults to your ex-employer. This is definitely dangerous stuff!

5. The Gamer

Super Mario resignation game
The Mirror

A computer programmer thought it would be a cool idea to create his own version of Super Mario and turn it to a proper resignation letter. Every time Super Mario grabbed a mushroom, the message ‘I Quit’ appeared on screen. Genius or what?

6. Sing It Out Loud

What better way to make use of your skills and demonstrate your real talents than playing music? This woman had the excellent idea of filming herself while singing out her resignation and then sent it out to her ex-employer. Apparently, she realized that her sweet voice would make the fact she’s quitting less painful to Microsoft executives.

7. Bring Your Bandmates Along

Joey must have really had it with his job, and the above video only attests to that. Incorporating music as an accompaniment to his ‘quitting scene’, he confronts his boss and decides to make his ‘exodus’ a remarkable one alongside his band mates. After getting so frustrated with job and for being treated horribly, he didn’t have a choice but to glamorously march out of his former place of employment.

8. Make a ‘Sliding Exit’

Steven Slater JetBlue
NY Daily News

JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater lost his temper and ultimately put an end to his airline career when a passenger refused to stay seated during a flight to Kennedy International Airport in 2010. He apparently went on the airplane’s public address system and announced ‘That’s it, I’m done’, before exchanging some harsh insults with a passenger, grabbing a beer, and then pulling the lever for the plane’s inflatable emergency chute. This ‘resignation letter’ is surely far more exciting and risky than any other on this list.

9. The Ultimate Hacker

Error message window
The Mirror

This is one of the best resignation letter examples ever. If you are known for your hacking skills, then why not put them into creating something meaningful like a resignation error-window? I like the fact that this guy even gave his boss a choice between renegotiating terms for a better offer, talking to HR, learning more about his dissatisfaction, and completely ignoring the message and forever parting ways.

10. Get a Sign Up

Taco Bell Adam

After being refused a day off for 4 of July, Adam, an overworked Taco Bell employee, got his revenge by announcing his resignation on the restaurant’s sign for everyone to see. After reportedly having worked 22 days straight, he got tired of his boss not letting him enjoy some time off. As you can see, it was time to take action.

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If you are looking for the perfect opportunity to quit your job, it will never come! I suggest that you don’t make a big fuss about it and just e-mail that resignation letter already – unless of course you’re feeling a bit creative… What’s next? Hanging a big resignation letter off an airplane? Well, that’s not bad at all, not bad indeed!

Any of these unconventional resignation letters will prove to your boss that he won’t ever find another employee who’s as creative as you are. So what you are planning to do with your own resignation letter? Let me hear your ideas in the comments section below!

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