4 Awesome Jobs If You Love Dinosaurs

jurassic world

So you love the “Terror Lizards” (that’s the literal Greek translation of Dinosaurs), and you would be happier than a butcher’s dog if your chosen profession involved the ground shaking reptiles. We still haven’t managed to clone dinosaurs (damn you lazy scientists!), but there are a surprising amount of jobs for the dino-obsessed. Here are some awesome jobs if you love dinosaurs.

1. Palaeontologist


I know this is the most obvious one, but it’ll get more interesting as we move along. Paleontology is the field of science that deals with ancient natural history. They seek out fossils or other evidence of mighty creatures that roamed the globe in the past and analyze their findings to gain insight into the anatomy, biology and behavior of these animals. The majority of the work involves researching and publishing their finding in academic and scientific journals. Many Paleontologists teach in universities when they can’t go out in the field. Like most scientific fields, to become a Paleontologist you need to dedicate a huge amount of time educating yourself, often needing an advanced degree to pursue the discipline. If you can manage the years of debt and higher education, you will have to deal with a lot of competition. Science jobs depend on external funds, and when a profession is dependent on private funds, the jobs are few and far between.

OK, so again and completely hypothetically you cut through the competition and score a research job. Then this is where the fun finally begins; you will often be travelling between museums, universities and the field, trying to find new dinosaurs or evidence of different organisms altogether. Although you will never be chased by ground thumping T-Rexes, you might still be in danger while you are in the field. The areas that Paleontologist visit are often remote, arid and sometimes even in regions of the world that are at war. But for dinosaurs it’s definitely worth it right?

2. Subcategories


As a discipline, much like many other scientific disciplines paleontology is broken up into smaller more specific fields of study. Taphonomists, for example, study how organisms decay and fossils are formed and help assemble fossils using their knowledge of how the animal would have died when it had all its soft tissue intact.

Ichnology is a branch of paleontology that deals with fossilized tracks, footprints and trails left by the hefty cold blooded terror-lizards. Sure there are other Paleo-off-shoots, but they deal with invertebrates, humans and micro-organisms, but those are boring compared to the colossal apex predators (or not, triceratops are cool too).

3. Dino wrangler


Yes, you read that right, there is a job called Dino Wrangler like Chris Pratt’s character in the latest Jurassic World. It’s much more like the movie than real life, though, as you will only be wrangling animatronic dinosaurs and not actual ones. According to this article, the dino wranglers wear a wrist-mounted device that allows the dinosaurs to follow the wrangler’s movements.

4. Be a dinosaur

If you are athletic, flexible and have no qualms about wearing hundreds of pounds of latex rubber foam for hours on end, you can actually be a dinosaur! Well, be an actor in a dinosaurs suit, but in all technicality you will BE A DINOSAUR!

Are you dino-obsessed, let us know how your obsession manifests itself in the comment section below.