7 Most Funniest Cover Letters (Real Examples)

When applying for a job, we always try to impress, but some try too hard or too little. See those which made our list of the funniest cover letters.

James Franco Funny Cover Letter

When applying for a job, we always try to write a killer cover letter, so that we can look professional, show a bit of our personality and show the employer why we are the perfect candidate for the job. However, as there are many people with similar skill set and experience, or even with more experience than we have,  it’s important to think outside the box and create a cover letter that will stand out and catch the hiring manager’s eye. So, we turn to writing something funny, which will show our originality and uniqueness.

But, is it really funny? Before submitting your cover letter, you should get some feedback from your friends and family because something you wrote might seem hilarious to you, but it very well might be plain awkward or embarrassing. There is a thin line between being funny and being awkwardly dim-witted. Depending on the job position, you can choose to be a bit creative, but just remember not to try and sound too awesome.

Some people really failed when they tried to be funny, but they certainly grabbed our attention. Let’s see what not to do when writing a cover letter, and let’s just hope that these people weren’t being serious and thought that their cover letter rocked.

1. Attended the employer’s funeral: So, the position is open, right?

Cover Letter Death Certificate FunnyComplex

Searching for a job, level: expert. This cover letter really made me laugh, and I’ve never seen a person more determined to get a job at a company than this guy. He really lives by the motto “Patience is a virtue”, and now there is no reason for the company not to hire him, as he clearly has proof that there is an opening – a death certificate. What do you have to say in your defense, hiring manager? The man is clearly determined, patient, ambitious and detail-oriented, a person who will always provide you with cold hard facts.

He possesses the skills of a Technical Manager, but let’s just hope he didn’t watch “How to Get Away with Murder”.

2. He’s definitely seen and done it all

Complex Funny Cover LetterSavemyboredom

This guy is the embodiment of “been there, done that, bought a T-shirt”. It seems like it was only yesterday that he was a mere skateboarder, and today he is a professional genious. The spelling is definitely wrong, but there is a much bigger problem – what does a professional genius actually do? Judging by his cover letter, good spelling isn’t one of the skills required for attaining this glamorous title.

However, he is a sociable person, a gentleman and a scholar, so he is perfect for a friendly work environment. Besides, this guy can hook you up with some nasty merchandise, so who knows when he will come in handy. And what about aliens? He definitely goes beyond the limits of science and logic that our simple terrestrial brains can comprehend.

3. Cock, food prep, pizza maker. Wait, what?

Funny Typos on Cover LetterHuffingtonPost

This cook, or let’s call him a chef, definitely has experience, but experience in cocking pastas – is that a thing nowadays? To be honest, this looks more like a name of a video on Porn Hub (maybe there’s an actress called Pasta).

Okay, the first thing that comes to our minds is a male reproductive organ, or in the best case scenario a rooster. But, let’s have a grammar lesson as well. Cocking is a gerund of an actual verb, “to cock”, and it means tilting. Therefore, tilting pastas may be the real deal.

However, as you are probably imagining a man making pasta with a rooster, let’s not go into that. We have all learned a valuable lesson – always check your spelling.

4. He just wants to feel again

Broken English Funny Cover Lettermemecollection

Is there anyone out there who wouldn’t want to hire this guy? Because, he’s “A best”, and obviously approved by Koreans. Besides, his qualifications indicate that he might be a new member of the Avengers (lifting a bear is a huge deal, and not only in Russia). As far as trains are concerned, I think he only outran the ones from Serbia, since they all move at a snail’s pace.

Although his cover letter looks like something that would end up in your spam folder, helping someone feel again is a noble deed, and thus a reward in itself. As we should never make fun of someone who speaks broken English, because it means they know another language, I think this guy definitely deserves a chance to prove himself.

5. You got Caged

Funny Image on Cover LetterComplex

Although there is nothing wrong with this email, the attachment is rather disturbing. What does this picture mean? Did Nicolas Cage intercept this email? Is Nicolas Cage a metaphor for accepting any role? Is the author of this email Nicolas Cage himself or did he simply approve it?

Honestly, the picture of Nicolas Cage as a cover letter is definitely the only way to say “I would do anything to get a job,” without coming off as desperate. Always check what you have attached before clicking the send button. However, this person should be happy it is Nicholas Cage, because it could have been worse. It could have been a picture of Justin Bieber.

6. Mike aka Da-Bomb

Swearing Cover Letter Funny ExampleSavemyboredom

Upon first reading this cover letter, I thought it was really funny, as it sounds a bit like Cartman (South Park), and I laughed out loud when I got to the end, where he tells the employer to call him and ask for “Liam.” Why Liam, and why use apostrophes? The best thing you can do with this cover letter, except for deleting it forever, is make a rap song out of it.

This guy shouldn’t be a developer; he should be a project manager as he can evidently clone great workers like Larry from a single hair.

However, when you read it again, you realize just how stupid it is. Cramming as many swear words as you can into a sentence can only be funny and acceptable in movies directed by Quentin Tarantino or Guy Ritchie.

7. Words are overrated

Funny Simple Cover LetterComplex

According to this person, there is no need to tell someone about your experience – it’s better to stay mysterious. No need to write anything down, the person is obviously incredibly popular and fabulous. If you take a look at the previous cover letters, this is probably the smartest move, as it is better to stay silent, than to make a total fool of yourself.  

I don’t think someone ever called this person, but unless you are Richard Branson, don’t just write your name on the cover letter. A little more information is always needed.

These cover letters are hilarious, but I guess that we are all wondering whether these people were joking or being serious. If they were serious, then I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. These job seekers probably didn’t get the job, except for maybe Larry, aka Lars, as he got a pretty good recommendation from the credible Mike “Da-bomb”. Don’t try this, because a small joke can ruin your reputation, unless you are Richard Branson, of course.

What is the strangest cover letter you have ever seen or written? Your thoughts or comments below please...