How to Answer "If Selected for this Position, Can You Describe Your Strategy for the First 90 Days?"


Every question an interviewer asks has an angle and seeks a precise answer. The question aims to bring out qualities or skills that you possess and are not listed on your résumé. Additionally, the question is aimed at finding out how you would transition to your new job and how fast you would settle into the role. Your first 90 days at a job are very crucial because the employer evaluates if you are fit for the job. To answer this question, ensure you have a 90-day plan that clearly demonstrates how you’ll settle in the new position. Below are important points to note when answering this question.

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1. Talk About the Company and the Position

When answering the question, talk about the company, the position, skills, education and intelligence that you have, and what makes you the right candidate for the position. Mention the company’s requirements for the position and how you would perform to achieve the set goals. A thorough research on the job position and the company will help you give a good answer. Your understanding of the company and the position will help persuade the hiring manager that you are a serious candidate for the position.

2. Talk About the Company’s Goals and Departmental Objectives

It is important to mention the company’s goals and the position’s and departmental objectives. Explain to the hiring manager how, within 90 days, you will put in the effort to meet daily or weekly set targets. It is essential to have this knowledge prior to the interview. When answering, be engaging to capture the hiring manager’s attention. Prove to the interview that within those 90 days you will settle in quickly and be productive.

3. Show Your Quickness to Learn the Main Priorities

Are you willing to learn quickly and settle in the system? Your willingness to get down to the business of knowing the position’s priorities and quick fixes is part of what your interviewer is looking for. Tell the interviewer how you will organize yourself to meet the priorities set before you. Talk about your contributions and how they will positively impact your department and employer’s short-term and long-term goals. Take the time to answer the question creatively and describe your work approach especially in tight situations to show your problem-solving skills.

4. Mention Your Interactive Personality

When a hiring manager poses this question, they also want to find out if you are interactive and willing to learn from your superiors and fellow employees. Talk about your willingness to interact with your departmental manager and fellow employees regularly to learn from them. In addition, show you are willing to create work relationships because of its importance in your responsibilities and career.

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In addressing all the above aspects in answering the question, you will be proving to the interviewer that you are the right person for the position. It shows you are ready for the job, and you will hit the ground running as soon as you are hired which is something that impresses hiring managers.