The 10 Best Cars for Your Daily Commute

Close-up of a  handsome young businessman driving a car
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Let’s face it: most of us spend a large chunk of our professional lives commuting to work, whether it’s by car, bicycle, public transport or even on foot.

If you drive to work, though, it’s important to choose a car that’s comfortable, economical and, above all, safe. After all, it’s stressful enough dealing with crazy drivers on a daily basis; you don’t need to add an unreliable car into the mix of your morning routine!

So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your car (and making your commute to work a little easier), then read on.

These are the best cars for your daily commute!

1. Smart Fortwo

Smart Fortwosmart United Kingdom

Starting price: $12,000 / £11,415

MPG: 46.3

If you drive in the city, a small car like the Smart Fortwo can be a very practical option. You can skip in and out of lanes (cautiously, of course; I’m not advising you to drive recklessly), as well as fit into tight parking spaces, and its comfortable, luxurious interiors are designed to combine both style and extravagance into one. And with the option of personalising its colour, rims, lamps and interiors, you can make your Smart Fortwo truly one of a kind.

2. Fiat 500

Fiat 500Fiat UK

Starting price: $16,245 / £11,810

MPG: 33

Another car that’s on the smaller side is the Fiat 500, a retro-styled hatchback perfect for the budget-minded car shoppers. This car not only has a pretty face, but also an instant MPG option to save petrol throughout your journey. With a 5.0-inch touchscreen and the option to include a Beats premium sound system, you can have a little rave while you drive to and from work every day!

3. Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volkswagen Golf GTIVolkswagen Malaysia

Starting price: $26,415 / £18,340

MPG: 44.1

Volkswagen is famous for its great engines, affordable MPG and lightweight exterior, but the GTI goes far beyond these things. Its sport-tuned suspension, sharp acceleration and great power are ideal for motorway drivers. The car is fast, reliable, powerful and fuel-efficient with a 2.0 turbo engine. The interiors are just as good, too, with adjustable bucket seats and an 8-inch glass touchscreen with MFD interface, allowing you to manage your entire music and phone system via Bluetooth.

4. Ford Fiesta


Starting price: $14,260 / £13,965

MPG: 35

The Fiesta is one of the smallest vehicles available from the Ford family, but it’s a top choice among daily commuters. It comes in sedan or hatchback and petrol or diesel options, so you can choose what’s comfortable for you. With an EcoBoost engine, a 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder unit that rates at 125 pound-feet of torque and 123 horsepower, the Ford Fiesta is also economical in choice. Ford’s latest technology also connects with Amazon’s Alexa, giving you real-time traffic updates, access to your personal music library and other preferences that you’ve chosen at home.

5. Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet VoltChevrolet

Starting price: $33,520

MPG: 42

The Chevrolet Volt is the first electric car on the list, and it boasts a 53-mile battery life and a 420-mile range with full a battery and a full tank of petrol. With two electric motors, the backup engine kicks in when your charge is running low. This car is the future of motoring, and with a regen on-demand paddle on the steering wheel, you can slow down without having to press the break, making a smooth, easy and economical ride to and from the office. The Volt is smart, efficient and perfect for any car – or tech – enthusiast out there.

6. Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Toyota YarisToyota Cyprus

Starting price: $15,450 / £13,015

MPG: 34

The new hybrid version of the original Toyota Yaris makes for the perfect commute car. Its economic gas mileage makes your daily journey a lot cheaper than you’d ever imagine with the use of both electronic and petrol-fuelled engines. But what makes this car extra special is its safety features. These include pre-collision warning, an automatic emergency braking system, internal cameras and blind-spot detection. With this being such a small car, you’re also able to fit into tight spots and park effortlessly.

7. Honda Civic

Honda CivicHonda UK

Starting price: $19,450 / £18,895

MPG: 39

The Honda Civic has been a popular choice for commuters for many years, and the new Hybrid version just gets even better. With roomy backseats and boot space (and we all know how important that is), the Civic is a top choice for daily commuters. There’s also a number of added features that are essential for daily drivers, including Bluetooth, automatic climate control, blind spot monitoring and cruise control.

8. Mazda3

Mazda3Mazda USA

Starting price: $18,095 / £20,595

MPG: 42

The Mazda3 is a good choice for long commutes, especially when it’s just as affordable as any hybrid car mentioned on this list. The interior bodes some of the most innovative technology out there, allowing you to access a range of online services via your smartphone. It also has a number of safety features which warn you about any approaching dangers, ensuring that you have a peaceful and accident-free journey.

9. Audi A4

Audi A4Audi UK

Starting price: $36,000 / £27,815

MPG: 31

For the price that you pay on an Audi, you expect a quality product, and this saloon doesn’t disappoint. It bodes state-of-the-art technology and connectivity, with a luxurious and cutting-edge interior design. The comfortable and lightweight A4 is perfect for the working businessperson who spends a lot of their time on the road.

10. Lexus ES

Lexus ESLexus UK

Starting price: $39,600 / £35,150

MPG: 30

Lexus is known for its luxurious interiors, but this car, in particular, is smooth-sailing; with a hybrid version also available, you’ll not only be driving in style but also economically. With heated front seats, driving during the winter will be comfortable, while the Lexus ES also boasts a great multimedia setting, allowing you to stay connected to your smartphone when you’re on the go and to experience a much more comfortable journey.

Daily commutes can be tiresome, but investing in a safe, economical and fun car can make them so much more bearable!

Let us know what your top pick is from the list above by leaving a comment below.