Kyle Elliot: Interview Feedback Best Practices & Tips

An interview with career coach Kyle Elliot.

Reviewed by Melina Theodorou

Kyle Elliot interview on interview feedback

The interview stage is a tricky process; you prepare for a round of interviews and then wait patiently for an answer, and sometimes you might even end up getting ghosted. Whether you’ve been rejected or offered the job, it’s essential to get some valuable feedback from the hiring manager. 

We caught up with career coach Kyle Elliot who offered expert tips and direct examples on the best practices for requesting feedback after a job interview. 

Kyle begins by explaining that not all recruiters are willing to offering feedback after an interview, but this shouldn’t deter you. You should always ask for feedback, but be aware that some cannot offer it due to legal repercussions.

He advises that the best time to ask for feedback is after a decision has been made. If you do this during the job interview or straight after, instead, you may come across as pushy. Also, most hiring managers wouldn’t have decided on your application then. 

As an experienced hiring manager, Kyle is often reluctant to offer feedback to candidates. This is mainly because he feels that jobseekers are not open to receiving feedback. The way they respond to it when he offers it could change his mind and affect his decision to hire them. For this reason, make sure to be open and accepting of the feedback that is given to you. 

Finally, Kyle reminds us to seek out feedback throughout our job search and beyond. You should be asking for feedback while you’re on the job, whether you’ve been there for a few months or years. It helps you progress, learn new skills and advance further in your career. 

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