How to Successfully Market Yourself in Your Job Search

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To get ahead in your job search, you need to make sure you’re pushing only your best self forward. And to do just that, you need to learn how to effectively market yourself.

You need to understand what sets you apart from the competition, what makes you unique, and how to communicate that to the hiring manager.

Which is where we come in.

In fact, we’ve put together this quick and insightful guide on how to market yourself in your job search to make things a little easier for you – and ultimately land your dream job.

1. Build Your Personal Brand

In today’s digital age, having a personal brand is important more than ever before. The first thing a hiring manager will do once they receive your CV is investigate you further, and this is often done with a simple a Google search.

In other words, it’s time to delete your old Bebo and MySpace accounts! After all, you don’t want a potential manager finding drunk photos of you from the 2000s now, do you?

Instead, invest in building a consistent and strong brand, both online and offline! And remember: if you wouldn’t want your grandma to see something, get rid of it!

2. Dress to Impress

Dressing the part is just as important as acting the part, whether you’re meeting a potential employer in person or interviewing virtually.

Make sure you dress professionally and appropriately but don’t overdo it. There needs to be a good balance to show that you feel comfortable in your clothes.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on out and buy yourself a new wardrobe! It will be worth it!

3. Invest in Your Social Presence

In today’s digital age, you’re practically a nobody if you don’t have some sort of digital footprint, which is why it’s important to invest some time into boosting your social media profiles.

The first step is to revamp your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters can easily find you. Next, make sure your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles present you in a professional light – you can bet that recruiters will be looking at these, too!

Meanwhile, if your chosen field requires you to have extensive knowledge in social media – like marketing or fashion, for example – be sure to show your expertise through these platforms by sharing industry news and relevant posts.

4. Grow Your Network

Becoming a networking guru won’t happen overnight, but you should spend time growing your professional network, both online and offline, to ensure you have key industry contacts.

Attend industry events, seminars and training days, and speak to people who are in similar fields and positions.

By doing so, you can market yourself better in your job search. Other professionals will be able to vouch for your skills and may even recommend you for positions, giving you that extra push you need!

5. Get Testimonials and Referrals

In addition to the previous point, you should aim to get great testimonials and referrals from the connections that you’ve made through networking.

This confirms that someone else vouches for your skills and that you aren’t just blowing your own trumpet!

They give you more credibility and can be used as success stories during an interview with a potential employer or a meeting with an investor! You could also consider listing them as points in your CV if you want to include references.

6. Volunteer

Another way to market yourself is through volunteer work. This not only shows that you have great ethics and the right character traits, but it also enhances your professional skills.

Offering your time to your favourite charity shows that you want to help others and be part of a team. It can also be a great way to gain the training you need for your job search.

Volunteering can also help you brand yourself and be in a better position when searching for a job.

7. Send Your CV to Potential Employers

Can’t find a job advert for your ideal company? No worries! You can still find a potential hiring manager’s email address and send them a copy of your CV, anyway.

If they’re impressed, they may even invite you in for an interview to see if there is an available opportunity for you.

If not, then they’ll most likely keep your CV on file for when something suitable pops up!

8. Develop New Skills

Do the job adverts that you’re looking at include skills that you don’t currently possess? If so, it’s time to go and acquire those skills! And with so many online courses and unpaid internships available out there, it’s easy to do! Whether you want to learn basic coding or even obtain a new qualification, you can do so from the comfort of your own home!

The good news? They’re all affordable, so you don’t have to take out another mortgage just to gain certification!

9. Ask Questions

A great way to impress an interview panel is by asking great questions about the role, as well as the company and its future development. This shows that you’re interested in your future, as well as the business’s.

If you’ve done your research, you’ll have a few questions that will instantly come to mind. But if not, why not follow our guide with best questions to ask in an interview?

10. Sell Your Story

Whether you have a PhD or worked for a major industry leader, it’s important to share your story on how you got to where you are. Let hiring managers know what you’re like as a person, as much as you can in such a high-pressure situation.

One of the biggest factors of getting hired is whether you’ll be a great cultural fit – the rest can usually be taught on the job! So, show them that you can fit in and that you’re excited to be part of the team.

11. Find a Reputable Head-Hunter

Head-hunters, otherwise known as recruiters, work to proverbially sell good candidates to hiring managers. They can aid in marketing your skills and bagging you that job you’ve been dreaming of. They’ll make a strong case for hiring managers to help you get an interview, and they’ll also offer you the advice and support you need to get the job.

So, whether you’re changing careers or just looking to move up the ladder, a reputable head-hunter can help you get there.

12. Consider Guest Blogging

Another great way to get your voice heard and your personality out there is to guest blog on other sites. If you’re a good writer, you can share your expert advice within your industry. Whether it’s fashion, biology, dentistry, coding or design, there’s a blog out there that covers your niche area!

Consider reaching out to the blog owners and asking to contribute to their site. Alternatively, you could also consider creating your own online portfolio that showcases your work.

As you can see, marketing yourself to potential employers takes a lot of work and dedication, but it’s not impossible. With the right mindset, skills and tools, you can promote yourself and get an offer for the job of your dreams!

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.