74% of Workers Say a 6-hour Workday Will Improve Productivity amid COVID-19

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DUBLIN – The traditional workplace as we know it has shifted due to the COVID-19 outbreak, resulting in a more remote workforce. As people gradually return to work, most believe that fewer working hours could increase productivity levels, according to a recent study by CareerAddict.com.

The results revealed that 74% of workers believe that 6-hour workdays could lead to higher productivity at work. Additionally, 3 in 4 people said they would accept a pay cut in exchange for less worktime; on average, respondents would give up 8.8% of their salary.

Other findings from CareerAddict’s ‘The Future of Work’ study also suggest a link between automation and productivity. Over 60% of respondents believe that automation and AI would impact their work performance positively, while 75% also think it will result in a better work-life balance. These findings suggest that, with the help of automation, the future professional will enjoy more flexibility at work. As a result, automation and AI could become a contributing factor to the introduction of 6-hour workdays.

‘The ‘future of work’ has been firmly propelled closer to the present due to COVID-19, with health and hygiene standing as an obstacle for most workplaces today,’ says Christopher Thoma, Project Manager of CareerAddict. ‘Our insights show how technology can play a critical role in how businesses evolve in order to increase productivity moving forward.’

CareerAddict surveyed over 1,000 people at the beginning of 2020 to gain insight into the future of work. Beyond productivity and worktime, respondents shared their views on automation, work-life balance and reskilling in the context of the future workplace.

Additional key findings from CareerAddict’s study include:

  • 61% of people said a 4-day workweek would improve their productivity
  • 13% of people would give up more than 20% of their salary for 20% less worktime
  • 3 in 4 Millennials agree that reduced worktime will improve their productivity
  • 93% of people are open to reskilling and lifelong learning
  • 1 in 3 believe their jobs could be replaced by machines

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