CareerAddict Relaunches its Cutting-Edge Career Assessment Service

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DUBLIN - CareerAddict, an award-winning online career resource, announced the relaunch of its unique career-testing platform CareerHunter. The product is available for students, graduates and professionals from every industry to discover their ideal career path

The relaunched platform was developed over the course of a year with the help of experienced psychologists, psychometricians and career experts. It now boasts a series of tests designed to examine six different areas of a person’s psychological make-up, including their interests, personality, motivations as well as their abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning skills. Users will also benefit from the revamped algorithm, improved testing experience as well as their access to an entire career database that details insightful information for hundreds of careers.

The tests aim to provide accurate career suggestions that can help individuals follow professional paths that are suited to their abilities and predispositions. Once all six tests are completed, users can access a personalised career report, tailored to their overall test results. The report details careers that accurately fit the user’s interests, personality, motivations and skills and provides valuable insights to support students, graduates and professionals in their quest for the perfect career.

The platform uses a unique sophisticated algorithm, built on scientific sampling protocols to generate results and offer its users a seamless experience. Its assessment caters to individuals at all stages of their professional journeys, including school leavers, college graduates and working professionals.

As part of its launch, the platform has also introduced a group licensing programme to allow organisations to utilise CareerHunter’s cutting-edge assessment tools through multiple user licences. The aim is to help educators, HR departments, recruitment agencies and career counsellors to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their students, applicants, employees and clients through CareerHunter’s psychometric and self-assessment tests.

User experience is once again at the forefront of this new feature as organisations will be able to easily invite users via email, as well as manage invitations and user licences from an easy-to-use all-in-one dashboard.

CareerHunter has doubled down its efforts by forming strategic partnerships with world-renowned online learning platforms, including Udemy and FutureLearn, to enable users to pursue professional development. After completing their six tests, users can expect to receive relevant course and job recommendations based on their career matches.

‘Choosing a career in today’s ever-evolving job market is becoming increasingly difficult, so for students or, in fact, for anyone who is considering a career change, our tests are here to cater to that need and provide insight and critical suggestions.’ said Christopher Thoma, CareerHunter’s Operations Manager. ‘CareerHunter’s unique methodology has been refined to make our career-matching process far more insightful and accurate. We now show users a complete analysis of their traits and motivators, as well as how they align to desired professions.’

CareerHunter’s purpose is simple: to match test-takers with their perfect career path. 

About CareerHunter

CareerHunter was launched in 2017 to support students, graduates and professionals in their quest for the perfect career and was developed using the minds and knowledge of a team of psychologists and psychometricians. 

As a product of CareerAddict and the expert team behind it, CareerHunter’s career-testing platform has matched thousands of users to careers that fit their interests, personalities, motivations and skills through a series of psychometric and self-assessment tests. 

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