CareerAddict Introduces “The Dose” — Its Career-Focused, Biweekly Newsletter

The Dose Newsletter by CareerAddict

CareerAddict, an award-winning online career resource, has expanded into the newsletter space with the successful launch of its career-focused, free biweekly publication back in February 2023. The digital newsletter, which currently reaches an audience of 45,000 active subscribers, was rebranded into The Dose in late 2023.

As of 2024, The Dose reaches subscribed jobseekers and working professionals two times per week, providing insights, advice and resources on setting and achieving various career-related goals, such as changing direction and breaking into a new industry. Some central topics covered by The Dose include job search tips, advice on creating secondary streams of income, and insights into the rise and impact of artificial intelligence in a wide range of industries.

Week by week, the publication offers free resources to readers, such as checklists and guides on writing impactful résumés, attending job interviews and networking successfully, in addition to exclusive offers on the career resource’s online products and services. These include discounts on the science-backed, aptitude and work personality tests on its sister platform CareerHunter, as well as CareerAddict’s in-house selection of résumé packages and services, and downloadable work and career planners.

The newsletter publication also provides a number of sponsorship opportunities to businesses who want to showcase their services and expertise to The Dose’s community.

Covering the latest industry stories, sharing insights into emerging workplace trends and delivering the latest resources to working professionals’ inboxes, The Dose is the leading digital publication for career growth and fulfillment. With the objective of helping as many professionals as possible build meaningful, rewarding career paths, the CareerAddict team continues its efforts towards expanding its online community for The Dose and maintaining a lead as a newsletter creator in the career development field.

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