Job Search:

Shift in Worker Expectations Post-Pandemic

About the Study

In this study, our aim is to better understand the motivations and expectations of jobseekers but also uncover the latest job search trends and how COVID-19 has impacted jobseeker behaviors.

The process of searching for a new job can be both exhilarating and daunting. In today’s global economy, there are countless job opportunities spanning across several industries around the world. However, this does not come without its challenges, as jobseekers must face a highly competitive job market. To do so successfully, they must be equipped with the right knowledge and tools that will allow them to get ahead of the competition. An impressive résumé, a formidable online presence and a shining list of references are just a few elements that can catch a hiring manager’s attention.

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Post Pandemic Worker Expectations Study by CareerAddict

Key Takeaways


said good pay is the most important factor when looking for a new job


said a healthy work environment is an important job search factor

1 in 2

jobseekers apply to new jobs directly via company websites


said COVID-19 did not affect their job search

1 in 5

people said COVID-19 held them back from searching for a new job


said COVID-19 forced them to become more flexible with their job search


agreed that COVID-19 changed the role they were looking for


said the opportunity to work remotely was not a job search factor for them

Only 18%

said corporate social responsibility is a job search factor

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