Career Choices:

Pursuit of Viable Careers, Post-COVID

About the Study

This study aims to determine workers' and jobseekers’ priorities and attitudes following a global pandemic that has disrupted all work environments. In order to do so, we’ve looked into the career related motivators and personality traits, as well as the career interests of CareerHunter test-takers between August 2020 and August 2021.

In a nutshell, our findings suggest that recent global events, along with cultural and technological shifts, influence career-related decisions by making people more independent and individualistic, as well as less calm and decisive. Additionally, creative and intuitive jobs which can now be performed online remain incredibly popular, while those that involve
manual labour, and jobs likely to be significantly altered due to automation, are have a worryingly low level of interest.

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Key Takeaways


are motivated by Personal Development, Personal Values and Personal Interests

Almost 90%

are strongly suited for careers that allow for Autonomy

Only 1 in 10

are highly motivated by Competition and Entrepreneurship

8 in 10

are suited to careers which demand Behaviour Analytical and Compassionate personality traits

Just 16%

were found to be highly motivated by Teamwork

Only 3%

are capable of remaining Calm during stressful situations at work

Creativity prevails

for careers in Art & Design and Marketing & Advertising that rank highest

Taking initiative

with strong career interests in Business & Management, Counselling and Education & Training areas

Manual labour dislike

for careers in Agriculture & Farming, Manufacturing and Military & Construction which ranked lowest

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