Employee Turnover:

Why Employees Quit Their Jobs

About the Study

In late 2019, we surveyed almost 1,000 respondents to discover the hidden trends of employee turnover and help companies retain their top talent.

Through our ‘Employee Turnover’ study, which looked into the different factors that can put job satisfaction and employee morale in jeopardy, we found that the most likely reason someone would leave their job was a lack of progression, followed by low pay and the absence of a salary raise.

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Employee Turnover

Key Takeaways


would quit their jobs because of a lack of progression


felt their boss took credit for their own work

1 in 2

said they felt discriminated against by their boss or colleagues


said they don’t regret leaving their jobs

1 in 4

felt discriminated against by their boss because of their gender


felt they received recognition for their work from their boss


quit their first job at age 18–25


said they would return to a job they quit if their boss was replaced

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