Top 10 Funniest Workplace Accidents

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Workplace accidents can be scary, even deadly, but they can also just be plain hilarious. I wanted to find the top 10 funniest workplace accidents, so I scoured the web for hours so that you wouldn’t have to. I found superheroes, construction workers, office workers, and even new reporters all doing some hilarious things that were all caught on camera.

The workplace is a wild jungle of activity, and with all those people bustling to and fro, it is no surprise that accidents and human errors occur. Luckily though, we now live in an age where everything that happens gets recorded. Feel free to laugh along, take notes, or just enjoy these workplace fails.

Rather than surfing youtube for hours, save yourself some time and watch my top 10 funniest workplace accidents; who knows, you might even prevent yourself from making one of these hilarious mistakes.

1. Guy finds out how to NOT unload a truck

In our first video, we see a delivery man trying to unload a large appliance. But as he slowly attempts to take the appliance off the truck, a mishap sends him flying through the air as he presumably tries to stop it from falling off the truck.

I seriously died laughing the first time I saw this one, and I bet you will too. This guy was definitely not a cat in his past life, he has the agility of a drunk log.

2. Forklift causes a HUGE mishap

I don’t know what the guys in our next video are saying, but I can certainly relate to their relations as they scream "Opa!" at the falling pallets of coca cola in this coke bottling plant. Apparently someone messed up with a forklift and the workers could do nothing but celebrate and watch as thousands of dollars worth of soda is seen tumbling through the air- one guy even jumps on camera and cheers a little bit.

Forklifts can cause a lot of accidents in the workplace. Luckily in this instance no one was hurt, and thankfully someone took the liberty to record the entire spectacle for us!

3. Valet parking guy with a Lamborghini

Some poor valet guy is somewhere in an unemployment line thanks to this video of a lambo being wrecked. The video description tells us that the poor guy wanted to rev up the engine a bit to feel what it was like, but he forgot to put the car in park! The result is the Lamborghini racing off and hitting another vehicle. No one was harmed, and even though the wreck looks like a little tap, the expensive car’s bumper gets pretty much destroyed in the accident.

This might be the most expensive valet parking accident in history; I feel bad for the guy, who wouldn’t want to rev up the engine of this beautiful car?

4. Guy tries to copy butt on the copier- instant karma

So this dude tries making the infamous butt photocopy during work hours, but unfortunately for him, the glass gives way just about the time that he hits the copy button. First, if you are going to try making a copy of your butt, you might want to make sure it’s not real glass on the machine. Secondly if you are going to try it out, make sure you aren’t being recorded doing it.

5. More moving gone wrong

Our next video looks a little bit like it might have been staged, but if it is real, it is certainly a big work accident. We see some moving professionals trying to move a huge cable spool up some stairs, when suddenly something happens, and the spool goes flying down the steps, through the glass doors in front, and eventually into a car in the parking lot.

The woman filming the whole thing can’t do anything but laugh, and I can’t blame her; I was laughing at this one too.


6. What could go wrong with this physics demo?

What could possibly go wrong when you mix a physics teacher, an assistant, a concrete block, and a giant axe? Let’s just say that aim is everything, and while the guy doing the swinging certainly didn’t lack intent, his aim was more than a little off. Props to the guy lying down, though, I think I might have died on the spot. Just be thankful the axe wasn’t the other way around!

7. Just when you thought Bill Murray couldn't get any more awesome

I love Bill Murray, I think everyone does, but I still had to laugh at this hilarious blooper of Bill taking a dive before an interview. The video title implies that Bill is drunk, and maybe he is, or maybe the fall came due to a faulty equipment or another issue. Overall I am not here to debate what caused this delicious fail; I just want to relish this moment forever. Muahaha

8. Even spider man makes mistakes sometimes

Spider-man is famous for his agility and acrobatic grace, and while the guy in our next video starts off well enough, he just can’t keep being a superhero for long. After a couple of successful flips and back handsprings spider man tries running up a wall and falls straight back down. Let this be a lesson to you, leave the superhero stuff to the superheroes.

9. Your work desk is for working, not for sitting

Did your mother ever tell you not to sit on the desk or table? Well, this next video is a perfect demonstration of why mom is always right. A woman sits on a desk chatting with her co-worker until the whole thing comes tumbling down with her seated on top of it. Maybe the desk was going to collapse anyway, but seeing her come down with it made it that much more satisfying to watch!

10. An interview on a boat shows us what a bad day looks like

Have you ever fallen off of a boat into ice cold water on national T.V? Well, I haven’t either but this next reporter could tell you all about it. This reporter walks up to start an interview, and shortly after it begins, she ends up tumbling into the icy water below. For a second it even looks like the interviewee is about to jump in after her, but he thinks twice before diving in. She takes the experience in good spirits though laughing the whole way through. That is just good T.V. folks.

Work accidents can be pretty funny unless they are happening to you, but I think we can all agree that it is always better to be the one filming, rather than being the one being filmed. Thank whatever god you believe in for the technology that we now possess to catch moments like these on video and preserve them forever in our hearts, for our minds, and for our own enjoyment.

When accidents happen, we always hope that no one gets hurt, and these 10 videos are the best work related accident entertainment that I could find. So what about you, do you have any work related accidents that you find hilarious? Want to out that co-worker about what happened last week during the meeting? Leave a comment below and let me know your own terrible work experience, I would love to hear it!