Top Ten Hilarious Stolen Lunch Notes

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1. Someone Call a Doctor
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This lunch thief is sure to think twice before they take something from this office fridge again. What makes this note particularly humorous is that the writer of the note does not hesitate to point out that the food that was stolen from this office fridge had already been bitten into. The casual mention of strep throat, Merry Christmas and New Year wishes at the end are the epitome of hilarity.

It’s rolling round to lunch time and you’re looking forward to the lunch you have placed in the office fridge. The clock is ticking down, your stomach begins growling and you’re literally salivating at the thought of opening the office fridge and tucking into your lovely lunch. But, what’s this? You finally open the fridge to find your lunch is either gone or all that is left of it is the plastic container you put it in and some trace evidence of its contents.

Many of us assume that our lunches will be safe when we place them in the office fridge, however, this is not always the case and there are instances when our lunches just aren’t safe from our colleagues. Maybe what motivates these lunch time thefts is a lack of office etiquette on behalf of co-workers, or a blatant disregard for other people’s lunches. Working in an office can sometimes be socially complex enough without having to keep an eye-out for your lunch as well.

Taking any food from an office fridge should never be condoned under any circumstances, but when it does happen some office workers opt to vent their anger and frustration towards stealthy lunch thieves via notes. Here are ten of the funniest anti-lunch thief notes you're ever likely to see from miffed office workers who are not happy about their lunches being stolen from the office fridge.




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