Top 10 Hilarious Stolen Lunch Notes

Stolen Lunch Notes

It’s rolling round to lunch time and you’re looking forward to the lunch you have placed in the office fridge. The clock is ticking down, your stomach begins growling and you’re literally salivating at the thought of opening the office fridge and tucking into your lovely lunch. But, what’s this? You finally open the fridge to find your lunch is either gone or all that is left of it is the plastic container you put it in and some trace evidence of its contents.

Many of us assume that our lunches will be safe when we place them in the office fridge, however, this is not always the case and there are instances when our lunches just aren’t safe from our colleagues. Maybe what motivates these lunch time thefts is a lack of office etiquette on behalf of co-workers, or a blatant disregard for other people’s lunches. Working in an office can sometimes be socially complex enough without having to keep an eye-out for your lunch as well.

Taking any food from an office fridge should never be condoned under any circumstances, but when it does happen some office workers opt to vent their anger and frustration towards stealthy lunch thieves via notes. Here are ten of the funniest anti-lunch thief notes you're ever likely to see from miffed office workers who are not happy about their lunches being stolen from the office fridge.

1. Someone call a doctor

Lunch thief stolen note

This lunch thief is sure to think twice before they take something from this office fridge again. What makes this note particularly humorous is that the writer of the note does not hesitate to point out that the food that was stolen from this office fridge had already been bitten into. The casual mention of strep throat, Merry Christmas and New Year wishes at the end are the epitome of hilarity.

2. To the food thief

Food thief stolen notes

This note demonstrates why it’s not such a good idea to take something that doesn’t belong to you. It appears that the writer of this note is throwing no punches when it comes to warding off this sneaky office lunch thief. Hopefully, when the lunch thief saw this note, they closed the fridge door and never looked back.

3. Resist temptation

Beverage thief note

These notes are all individually hilarious in their own right. Not only is food not safe in this office fridge - refreshing beverages aren’t either. The writer of these notes wants nothing more than to be able to enjoy these canned beverages without having to look over their shoulder.

4. What goes around comes around

Hilarious lunch note

This note calls for collective action against another light fingered co-worker. Addressing everyone in the office, the writer of this stern note clearly put a lot of effort into that homemade sandwich which would have probably been very tasty. Unfortunately they never got an opportunity to eat it due to the actions of one ill-mannered colleague.

5. The pot of doom

Lunch pot funny note

Cleary, the writer of this note does not want anyone in the office touching their lunch, ever. Having your lunch stolen straight out of the office fridge is very frustrating, especially if it is taken directly out of a pot in this case. Sometimes your co-workers need to know that you mean business, and the writer of this note certainly does.

6. Hope you enjoyed it

Note for lunch thief

It doesn’t get any more crystal clear than this disgruntled note does it? Whoever this lunch thief was, chances are they would have felt slightly guilty (in theory) after reading this note and reflected on their brazen act. No one wants to have an empty stomach come lunch time, at least certainly not the writer of this note.

7. Who stole my lunch?

Lunch thief note

Missing the odd sandwich here or there is one thing, but to have numerous other lunch items stolen from the work fridge on a reoccurring basis is another thing. The culprit behind these lunch thefts should be ashamed of themselves for their repeated actions.

8. It’s not worth It

Lunch box funny message

Aside from having a full tummy after lunch, there isn’t much else an office lunch stealer can benefit from. When you weigh up the pros and cons of the possible outcome of this note, it just doesn’t seem worth it.

9. Just a little mix-up

Lunch apology note

Not every lunch that gets stolen from the office fridge is an act of thievery. Every now and then mistakes do happen, and out of common courtesy an apology note and reimbursement is in order. Realizing the error of their ways, the writer responsible for this note demonstrates that there are co-workers out there that aren’t all that bad.

10. You you will be caught

Lunch office fridge warning note

This note is the result of one too many lunch abductions from the office fridge and a plea to the lunch thief’s conscience as well, if it exists. The person or person(s) responsible for these missing lunches sounds like they may be running a professional office lunch stealing operation.


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