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How to Find a Job You Love

If you think about how much of your life you dedicate to your work, the average person working 9-5 equates to 40 hours a week which is 2000 hours a year, (on top of the 192 hours the typical person spends just communicating on job related topics in the workplace), so why not spend that substantial percentage of your life doing something you love?

Find a company which you can truly connect yourself with

Business values are the vertebrae of a thriving organization. Find an organisation which clicks into place with the things important to your own personal principles; if your company’s mission statement means nothing to you as a person you could never be truly content. Personalised options to consider may include:

  • Traveling for work
  • Saving for retirement
  • Room for advancement
  • Vacation time
  • Making a difference
  • Prestige or social status
  • Competition
  • Bonuses
  • Your commute
  • Time for your family

You will normally find these detailed in your contract which can lead to other areas such as negotiating terms. Remember that if you are moving into a new job or currently have a great relationship with your existing employer, honesty can go a long way when reviewing what’s best for you. Position anything you do here in a positive light showcasing your intent to increase your personal commitment, by tailoring the regulations to which you are legally bound (where possible), but never be demanding.

Customise your CV and cover letter

In the world of recruitment, your CV is your branding and cover letter is your PR. These make up the core traits to your success when applying for the dream job. However, here’s a small reality check: your CV has 15 seconds to grab their attention. If this is the career which you know is the one for you, something you can call the beginning of the end, make sure you put everything you have to offer in one structured and well-designed attempt to reach out, spark interests and make them feel they are the ones who need you. If your dream job is working as an animal warden for a pet rescue agency, send the cover letter to the correct department and address the letter to the senior warden/person in command.

Ensure you double check, triple check and then have someone else check your CV again. Focus on key areas such as dates of employment matching and accounting for any gaps. Also, be sure not to write too much about you, don’t focus on irrelevant information, stay within the 2 page limit and most of all check your spelling closely. The job where you will be most happy with is there for you to apply for, if you have one opportunity to show your desires to be the best candidate, make sure your application is pin-point-perfect.

How do you really know the job is everything you hoped it would be?

Test the water. How best to do this? Donate your time through unpaid internships and/or volunteering to help in any way you can, find out this is something you can do part time according to your schedule. Dedicate your weekends, evenings or time off with a view to find the best way for you to get your foot in the front door, and realistically determine the truth about the role, first hand. Become your own private investigator; establish the facts behind the concept as if you were working in that position, your idea of what to expect may be different from what is really involved. You may find that you love the real thing more than the concept.  Remember to ask questions, show willingness and remember you are there to learn. Don’t drop hints about applying full time and don’t try to sell yourself; a position may become available while you’re there. Gather as much information as you need for your own reassurance while proving how much of a team player you can really be.

First and foremost, do what you love

Albeit an obvious point to consider, make sure it really is something which makes you feel good; is it being outdoors with animals or presenting your findings through research? Something inside all of us clicks into place when we visualise that leisurely activity we enjoy the most. If you love children find out if any local schools, hospitals or orphanages are offering positions to help with children in your own time to connect the pieces to your own puzzle. Love working with animals? Jobs online as wildlife rehabilitators might be the road for you. Love sports and the great outdoors? Online vacancies can offer roles in various sports based primarily out of an office - you would be surprised how many jobs exist without a keyboard and monitor.

Simply establish what it is you would love to do, integrate your own research, ensure you apply due diligence and remember that your interview when that day comes is a process which can work both ways. Use every feasible opportunity tick all of your own boxes, adopt a structured approach to harness your idea of the dream job and make it a reality.

Are you working in a sector you love? Is your job wild and extreme? Or are you passionate with what people consider to be a normal everyday career? We’d love to hear from you!

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