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How Freelancing is Changing the Economy [Infographic]

Freelancing has become quite popular for a number of reasons. As recent reports state, more and more employees see themselves working outside of the traditional employment situation (working from 9 to 5) by 2025 and estimate that one in every five UK employees already generates up to £1,500 of per week from freelancing. Apart from the ability to earn a higher income, the flexibility this type of work offers in terms of working hours is a big incentive to those interested in working ‘gigs’, and this is why many people choose it.

According to this infographic from On Stride Financial, freelancing is starting to reshape the economy and also change the way people work. In fact, it looks like freelance work will create many jobs in the form of short-term gigs and build a new generation of entrepreneurs who will never get tired of moving from project to project, always promoting themselves in the market.

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Are you a freelancer? How do you think it will influence the workplace? Let me know in the comments section below…

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