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CVS / APR. 06, 2015
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How to Robot-Proof Your CV

They’re already here (The robots.) If you didn’t already know it, robots are reading your CV and could be the reason you never heard back from that hiring manager at Google. This infographic focuses on Applicant Tracking Systems, software applications (robots) used by many organisations to screen and filter candidates. But more importantly, it gives you the dos and don’ts of writing your CV, so it’s robot-friendly enough to bypass the rubbish bin.

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Key Takeaways

  • Contrary to popular opinion, a longer resume may boost your chances
  • Do use the all-important keywords that match the job description
  • Do include an executive summary with a bulleted list of your credentials
  • Do not put your contact information in a header
  • Avoid using abbreviations
  • Avoid graphics, logos or tables, headers or footers in your CV
  • Stick to standard web fonts – Arial, Tahoma and Verdana are safe bets
  • Do not submit your CV as a pdf – not all software can read pdfs
  • Do use best practices to format your work history: begin with the employer’s name followed by the position you held and then the period you held that title for

Is your resume robot-proof? If you’re not sure whether it is, take a good look at the infographic for some best-practices to follow - you’ll increase your chances of landing your dream job.


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