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How to Show You are the Perfect Fit For a Job

So you have managed to get a job interview! Congratulations! But don’t feel overexcited yet, because you are only halfway towards securing your dream job. You still need to convince the interview panel you are exactly what they are looking for. There is no room for them to appoint the wrong person because this will cost them both time and money. Wondering how to stay ahead of the game and brand yourself as the right fit? Here are some tips from a recruiter:

Tips to Show You are a Perfect Fit:

  • Memorise your own “fireworks”: figure out what the employer needs, and devise a short statement on how you will solve their hottest problems.
  • Try some Neuro Linguistic Programming to match your language and internal frames to theirs by using aural communication words in your examples.
  • Make sure you know the exact role you are interviewing for and the exact duties it entails.
  • Even if only two or three panel members dominate the discussion during the interview, never leave those silent and less engaging members out. They could have a big say in whether you will get hired or not.     
  • Don’t pretend to be a clever and know-it-all guy.

All in all, you should always bear in mind that as an interviewee, you are the square peg that needs to fill the employer’s square hole. Watch the video above to find out how to stand out and prove you are the right fit.

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