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JOB SEARCH / FEB. 17, 2016
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The Best and Worst Countries for Finding a Job in 2016

Your tiny apartment is starting to feel claustrophobic and your city is starting to feel like a two horse (a little bit bigger than a one horse) town, so you want to spread your wings and find a place that you can sow your wild oats and reap the financial rewards. Thank you for enduring that marathon caravan of puns and idioms. Your reward will be a list of the best countries and worst countries for job seekers in 2016.

1. The Bad - South Africa

south africa

This beautiful wild country is famous for its exotic animals, being the most southern country of the African continent and unfortunately for its tumulus history. And its more than 25% unemployment rate shows it. Crime and lack of entrepreneurial interest also contributes to this staggering number.

2. The Bad - Greece

acropolis of athens

Greece is well known across the globe for its high contribution to the arts, philosophy and sciences. It’s just as well known, sadly, for the nose-dive its economy has taken in the last couple of decades. Although its general unemployment rate is relatively low at 7.30% the youth unemployment rate (for people between 18-30) is an insane 49.50%. Come for the gyros and leave when you can’t afford them anymore.

3. The Bad - Iraq


This country, much like Greece, is rich with historical and cultural value. It’s also been ravaged by war, turmoil and political unrest.  Although the previous unemployment rate of 28.10% has dropped, it’s still floating around with 16% rate.

4. The Goodish – Australia


Sure, Australia is home to some of the deadliest fauna in the world, with 21 of the 25 most venomous snakes and the largest apex aquatic killer calling the Oz their home, it also seems to have some of the most killer job opportunities in the world…get it? Killer…although it’s not horrible, the 5.2% unemployment rate in Australia is still higher than the following countries.

5. The Good – Qatar

Although the Middle East doesn’t seem like the place to be when it comes to employment, Qatar stands at a diminutive 0.4% unemployment rate-  the lowest in the world, the highest GDP in the world and considered one of the richest countries in the world due to its oil and natural gas industry. Of course with plummeting gas and oil prices this might not be true for very long.

6. The Good – Thailand


Thailand has a couple of things going for it; first it’s considered a newly industrialized country and an emerging economy. It also happens to be the second largest ecomony in South East Asia. The unemployment rate is a teeny tiny 0.95 to boot, too. Oh and lest we forget that Thailand is also home to the infamous ping-pong show. Google it with caution, definitely not a family fun type stuff.

7. The Good – Singapore

High GDP, low unemployment at 1.9% and a great market economy, Singapore was one of the original Four Asian Tigers (that included Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan) but has surpassed its other “tigers” by far in recent years. It has been lauded by economists as the most business friendly, free and most innovative economy in the region. It even has a triple A credit ranking by credit rating agencies Fitch, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s.

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Are there any other countries you think deserve a place on this list? Good or bad I’m not judging. Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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