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The Power of Infographics for Employers and Job Seekers

A Chinese proverb says “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and it is right, especially when it comes to communicating within the recruitment industry. Infographics can be one of the best techniques to efficiently convey written data in a visual form and most importantly it could be an ideal means for employers to improve their brand and boost their hiring efforts. Likewise, jobseekers can make use of infographics to present their credentials in a creative manner.

How infographics can help employers

Infographics can play an important role in helping employers boost their organization’s recognition and visibility without excessive cost. Typically, infographics include the brand’s logo at the bottom and are easily sharable through social media, email or even in print form at fairs, events etc.

What’s more, employers can use infographics to display important data that may enhance the reputation and credibility of the company. For example, a motorways company may opt to visualize figures about road accidents in an attempt to create awareness about safe driving and sensitize drivers to drive responsibly, as part of a corporate social responsibility programme. Showing such data also means that the company is knowledgeable in a certain industry.

Employers who utilize infographics as a communication tool, demonstrate that they invest in creativity and innovation, something that can really attract job seekers. Do not assume that all job seekers will choose traditional classifieds to search for vacancies. Job hunters increasingly browse the Internet and particularly social media to find their dream job and they will also acknowledge the employer’s attempt to engage creative techniques and attention-to-detail approaches.

How infographics can help job seekers

Infographics are not just a cost-efficient tool for employers to enhance their brand image and draw in jobseekers. It is also an equally vital tool for candidates to inventively display their credentials, in the form of a 'visual' resume.

Time is usually money for employers and they simply cannot read through piles of long winded CV’s. This is why an infographic CV is ideal in consolidating large chunks of information and presenting it in an appealing and insightful way and most importantly making it easy and interesting to absorb.

If you think that you could best display your credentials through infographics, then you can simply get inspiration for tools that can help you create an outstanding visual resume by clicking here

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