13 Best Recruitment Agencies in the UK

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Recruiting consumes a lot of time and energy which is why many companies choose to outsource it. A lot of companies choose this solution when they are rapidly expanding and simply do not have the time to build a candidate database or reach out to a wide audience.

It also gives HR the time to develop strategies and policies that will enable them to create an environment that is engaging for their employees and enhance retention, and as most recruitment agencies specialise in specific niches they also have market knowledge that can be crucial in helping you pick the very best candidates for the job.

To help you meet your staffing needs we’ve put together a list of the most reliable recruitment agencies in the UK.

1. Asoria Group

Asoria Group is a multi-awarded company with a global presence. Although the company has only been around for the past decade, it has already expanded to the point that it’s now comprised of four separate brands that cater to the recruitment sector in a specialised way.

2. Antal International

Antal International is a recruitment company that is serious about its international presence. It boasts an enviable global network, and with a presence in thirty countries and with a hundred and twenty offices in total it’s hard not to believe them.

Antal’s mission is to equip each and every one of their clients them with the most talented candidates in the market. They so far have helped place 100,000 professionals, and due to their size, they’ll be ready to help you with all of your needs, no matter how small or big.

3. Michael Page

Michael Page has been helping organisations find staff since the 70s. Their tradition of being able to streamline high-quality individuals each time precedes them and should you choose to hire this recruitment agency you ought to expect top-notch service. As the demand in the recruitment sector is now moving towards niche agencies, Michael Page is also comprised of smaller, specialised agencies to help you meet your needs more effectively. In total, this agency specialises in twenty-five niches ranging from banking to fashion.

4. InterQuest Group

InterQuest Group is a highly specialised agency that focuses on the technological sector. They pride themselves on offering tailored solutions that can match in-demand skills with high-quality candidates. The company values communication, and as such, you should expect them to want to sit with you and help you find a solution that is not only tailored to your needs but  can also help you reduce costs.  

InterQuest is an agency that recognises the value of employer brand, and they understand that to attract the best talent, companies need to give professionals a reason to want to join them. Hiring them will mean that they will help you identify and develop a strategy that will allow your organisation to become a talent hub.

5. Morgan Hunt

Morgan Hunt is an award-winning agency that is well-known for the quality of service they offer. The Morgan Hunt team is always enthusiastic about their projects and this results in top results every time. The agency specialises in a number of sectors ranging from education and the public sector to marketing, business and property.

Morgan Hunt has also developed their own MSP which allows the recruitment process to be streamlined faster and in a more efficient way. They also specialise in helping companies cover large-scale staffing needs through their Morgan Hunt One programme, which can help you make the recruiting process as cost-efficient as possible.

6. Opus Professional Services Group

Opus PSG is a parent company offering recruitment solutions in various niche sectors. Some of these sectors include information technology, energy, business and finance. Opus is an organisation that puts its people first and as such offers some wonderful incentive to its employees, this in turn makes the team more enthusiastic about their work which means that hiring them will guarantee results.

7. StopGap

StopGap is a very hip marketing and recruitment agency. Hiring them will mean bringing in a fresh perspective to the hiring process. Their mission is to disrupt the long-standing tradition of recruitment agencies offering poor quality of services, to do that they are very determined to offer each organisation they collaborate with employees that can help the company move forth and accomplish its business goals. The company has now grown to specialise in a number of sectors and has already managed to help match thousands of employees to organisations where their skills will be valued.

8. Blue Arrow

Blue Arrow has been around since 1959 and it’s one of the UK’s largest recruitment agencies. It helps place over 60, 000 people every year and while it specialises in the admin and secretarial sector, it has a proven track record of success helping call centres, as well as the hospitality and catering sector and a number of other industries find staff.

Choosing Blue Arrow means choosing an organisation that’s dedicated to providing its clients with top-notch service. What’s more, this agency is interested in making a genuine impact in the labour market. To do that they collect data and produce sector-specific reports for both candidates and hiring managers to understand trends better, and help organisations come up with innovative solutions for their needs.

9. Seven Resourcing

Seven Resourcing is one of the fastest growing agencies in the country and this is largely due to their candidate-centric approach. This agency is driven by the belief that candidates who are taken care of will perform better, and so they curate their candidate database with great care, ensuring that their professionals are happy.

They understand that most organisations need to cover their gaps fast and so they cater to that need by streamlining the hiring process. The agency is also slowly but steadily growing its network which ranges from top tier companies in the country to international organisations, and their customer approach is highly regarded.

10. Rapid

Rapid is dedicated to matching talent with talent. They believe that talented people can only perform when they are in talented organisations and as such, they strive to match people with organisations that can look after them and give them room to grow. Rapid prides itself on having a massive network, and they curate that network by offering their clients top-quality solutions every time.

11. Bond Recruitment

Bond is acutely aware of what it can achieve, 96 per cent of its candidates sail through their probation periods and become full-time employees in the organisations they’ve been matched with. Knowing what they can achieve, they are confident that you’ll remain happy with your results and as such will not request payment upfront or even a registration fee.

Bond covers a broad range of sectors which range from architecture to medical aesthetics and leisure, however depending on the sector your company operates in, you’ll be assigned to a recruiter that specialises in that particular area.

12. Hays

Hays is one of the world’s leading experts in recruitment. It’s one of the biggest agencies in the world and has even been voted the number one most socially engaged global staffing firm by Linkedin users. Just last year, Hays managed to land 67,000 people in permanent jobs and 220,000 in temporary roles. This agency has an active presence in 33 countries, and it specialises in twenty different sectors.

13. Reed

Reed started out very humbly by being a recruitment agency, quickly after the launch of their website, however, it became the number one job site in the country. This gave it access to thousands of recruiters and jobseekers who gained access to a recruiting medium that makes things more direct and helps speed up the process. It allows you to post your job for a very competitive price (especially when one considers the audience that it opens your vacancy to) and it also allows you to access a truly massive database of CVs.


Honourable Mention:

MRL Consulting has its HQ in Brighton, offices around Europe, but takes a global reach when it comes to recruitment. It works in some pretty cutting edge sectors like semiconductors (microchips).

This award winning consultancy group has 20 years’ worth of experience placing some of the best talent in the world to help clients create some amazing tech! They value being a niche recruiter offering big roles with a one-to-one rapport.


Hiring a recruitment agency might sound intimidating because you are essentially putting the organisation’s future in the hands of an external team. But, by selecting a reputable organisation you’ll be able to get much more out of the process as these staffing companies generally have inside industry knowledge and impressive networks which allow them to produce extremely talented candidates for each vacancy.

Have you ever worked with a recruitment agency in the past? What was the experience like? Let me know in the comment section below.