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Top 10 Sex-Related Jobs

The adult entertainment industry consists of professions that directly or indirectly provide sex-related services or products. According to statistics published by Stop Porn Culture, 13 percent of all Internet searches in 2010 were sex-related. Offline, the commercial sex industry is also booming, with the number of brothels increasing by the day. Sex certainly does sell.

If you want a job in this industry, read on and take your pick.

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10. Pole Dance Performer

In strip clubs, pole and lap dancers offer erotic dancing services. Pole dancers perform dance routines using a vertical pole, much to the visual satisfaction of the patrons. For their part, lap dancers offer contact dancing to patrons, who usually assume a sitting position. When grinding their bodies against the pole or the bodies of patrons, these dancers are often scantily dressed.

Salary: $18,000 (Indeed)

9. Sex Toy Salesman

If you have a knack for sales, then perhaps you can become a sex toy salesman. You will work for manufacturers and retailers, and your job will be to find potential customers and sell them the toys. You may also need to explain the pros and cons of various toys, so you should be well-versed in the performance levels of them all!

Salary: $26,000 (Simply Hired)

8. Sex Toy Tester

Before vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and other types of sex toys are released onto the market; samples are usually sent out and tested to ensure they meet quality or performance standards. Sex toy testers are the professionals responsible this activity. If you want to get paid to test these items, then adult companies are looking to hire you.

Salary: $39,000 (Aol)

7. Porn Reviewer

The government also has some sex-related jobs to offer. The British Board of Film Classification, for instance, hires porn reviewers to watch adult movies and rate them accordingly or determine whether they adhere to relevant industry regulations. Magazines also hire these professionals to watch the films and write reviews.

Salary: $39,000 (Simply Hired)

6. Phone Sex Operator

If you enjoy working from home and you love spending time on the phone, then you could work as a phone sex operator. You will work for an adult entertainment company (mainly web-based), and your job will be to have sexual conversations with clients over the phone.

Salary: $40,000 (Forbes)


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5. Sex Therapist

Sex therapists help individuals and couples to solve a range of sexual problems, from erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation and low libido. Unlike many of the jobs described above, a career in sex therapy requires advanced training, typically a master’s degree in sex therapy.

Salary: $61,000 (Indeed)

4. Porn Editor

Porn editors edit footage of sexual or adult activities. In this job, you will be expected to arrange the footage so that the scenes follow a logical sequence, ensure the moans (and groans) are neither too low or too loud and add other visual effects to enhance the quality of the film.

Salary: $25,916 - $81,585 (Payscale).

3. Erotic Photographer

Erotic photographers take still images of sex models and other people who may want sexually suggestive photos taken. Besides taking the shots, this breed of photographers also edit the images, adding various artistic devices in the process. Erotic photographers can be hired by adult entertainment companies, including publishers of sex magazines.

Salary: $20,227 - $87,970 (Payscale).

2. Product Model

In the sex industry, product models promote various sexual products and services. For example, a lingerie manufacturer can hire you as a model for a new line of bras. The job involves posing for photos (seminude), which will be used to market the product in magazines, newspaper and other media.

Salary: $96,000 (Indeed).

1. Adult Talent Manager

Just like athletes, upcoming and established porn stars need the services of talent managers. Adult talent managers help clients to secure regular gigs in adult movies. If performance contracts are involved, then it is the manager’s job to lead the negotiations and secure good contracts.

Salary: $23,540 - $115,624 (Payscale)

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If you are considering a career in the sex industry either part-time or full-time, these are some of the best jobs you should consider. Any sex-related job that didn’t make it to this list? Feel free to comment below.

This article was originaly published in June 2015.

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