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CVS / JAN. 08, 2015
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How to Write an International Resume

If you are interested in working in a foreign country, constructing an international resume is essential. In contrast to the typical resume, it can give you a competitive advantage within the global market which is extremely vital. Since there is more competition when applying for a job with international employers – due to more people applying for the job, you want to make sure your resume will represent you in the best way possible.

To start with, this article will help you become familiar with the differences between an international and a typical resume in order to identify what needs to be included. Obviously, likewise when working on any type of resume, it is important to have a clear career objective in order to create a powerful personal statement and make sure each section relates to your career goals. However, what is going to help you get a job abroad lies within the content of each section and the emphasis you place on specific cross-cultural skills that are highly valued amongst international employers:

  • Emphasis on personality/individuality.
  • Emphasis on language skills.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability.
  • Teamwork: working with people from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Volunteer Experience.
  • Travelling and cultural awareness.

So, how can you showcase these unique skills on your CV? That’s easy. You just have to let employers know you are aware of the unique set of skills that are required to be successful in a cross-cultural work environment. Going over each section of your resume will help you decide when it is appropriate to refer to the aforementioned skills:

  • Contact Details: list a permanent email address, your nationality and marital status to show whether you have dependents and are able to travel.
  • Work Experience: should include any volunteering experience, internships, placements, Erasmus+ opportunities and working abroad.
  • Languages: list your languages skills into competency levels (e.g. A1/C1) in regards to listening, writing and speaking abilities as described by the CEFR - Common European Framework of References for Languages.
  • Hobbies: if you like travelling and you are interested in the history and culture of other countries you should mention this in your hobbies section.

A great example of an international resume is the Europass CV. If you are looking for a job within Europe then it can help you structure your resume following the European standards. If you choose this option, you can either use the online wizard or download the template and follow the guidelines.

As you can see, creating your own international resume is not as difficult as you might have thought. If you manage to focus on promoting your well-rounded personality, skills and qualities that are most favoured by international firms you can make a strong first impression and hopefully get invited to attend a job interview!


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