10 Emirates Airline Facts You Didn't Know

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You could consider Emirates Airlines a Cinderella story. Starting small, back in the mid 80’s with only two leased airplanes, the company has grown to be one of the top ten airlines in the world. It is well known for its high standards when it comes to passenger comfort, fleet regulation and safety. Not bad for a company that started with just two leased planes.

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1. Go Big or Go Home



What is your worst experience when flying? Screaming kids? Check-in? Personally I like my personal space; I hate super narrow seats that have you sitting so close to your neighbor you might as well be holding hands and dating. Emirates Airlines is the only airline in the world that exclusively uses wide body aircraft in its fleet. No sardine seating section or forced intimacy with strangers here.

2. In it For The Long Haul



Emirates Airlines offers four of the ten longest non-stop commercial flights in the world from Dubai to LA, San Francisco, Dallas and Houston. But rest easy in your comfy wide seat (see entry no.1) far away from the hairy dude next to you, oh wait that’s just your reflection in window.

3. Cha-ching


 The company is well known for taking pride in its customer support and service, and rapid growth. What isn’t that well known though is the fact that the company has shown profits for 25 consecutive years. That’s longer than most dot.com companies managed to survive! Also, consider this: would you really want to fly with a company that is trying to cut costs?

4. They're also all about the green



I’m not just talking about money either, Emirates’ version of the A380-800 aircraft which implements the Engine Alliance GP7200 engines save half a million liters of fuel per aircraft per year. Not only does that make good financial sense but also helps the environment by burning less dinosaur juice (fuel) per flight.

5. Six Continents because the last ones is pretty much ice



I know there’s a total of seven continents, but who wants to go somewhere that’s almost completely made of ice. After all, there’s 100 other places you can go (which I’m sure are just as frigid if that’s what you’re looking for in a destination). Emirates touchdown in almost 60 countries world-wide.

6. They basically introduced personalized inflight entertainment



You know those indispensable personal head-rest screens that have become standard in-flight entertainment in almost all commercial airlines? Well, you can thank Emirates for kick starting that trend. They went one step further though and also added high def screens to all classes making them the first airline to offer high definition in economy class seating.

7. Digital Age Flight



Combined with ICE’s (the Emirates’ in-flight Information, Communication and Entertainment network) you will also have a dedicated laptop outlet in all classes and even 50 video games to keep the kids quiet.

8. Their First Class Cabins are face meltingly awesome



Mini-bar, bed, personal cinema, gourmet meals and a shower spa. No, I’m not confusingly describing a hotel resort; these are the amenities that are offered in the first class seats on Emirates. It’s a lot cooler though, because not only will you receive a bevy of fancy perks you will even receive a cabin with the ability to close completely, or if you’re in a more social mood, there is a lounge and bar you can mingle with other first and business class members. Flight-time wife not included.

9. Its starts before the flight



If have a first or business class ticket, you will also be able to take advantage of the 36 lounges in 35 countries worldwide, which allow you to board directly from there. Yes, you’ll be sipping Dom one minute and boarding the airplane the next. You can also have a shower too, a foot massage, a gourmet plate of food and even shine your shoes (when doing business, presentation is everything right?).

10. Personal Executive Service



You don’t have anyone to take you to the airport? Don’t worry! If you have a first class ticket, a chauffeur will come and pick you up at your door and drive you to the airport.

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