5 Jobs Where You Get Paid to Eat

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What if I told you that you could get paid to eat? Well, it’s possible and thousands are enjoying the perks of these jobs every year. Eating is one of the most basic human instincts as well as one of the most enjoyable activities you can do on a day to day basis. With these five jobs, you can combine your love for food with making anywhere from a little side cash to a full on living. Who wouldn’t want a job like that? 

Companies need food testers, critics, buyers, secret diners, and scientists to make sure that the food they feed the public is the best stuff around and they need someone like you to do it. Whether you’re a casual diner or a full on educated food critic, there’s a paying job waiting for you, where eating is part of the job description.

1. Food Taster

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Think your taste buds have what it takes to be a food taster? Food tasters can be part time side jobs or full time careers depending on your abilities to taste and articulate. This job is so in demand that before you get hired they’ll test your tasting and smelling skills. Some companies even want you to have previous experience with the food industry. If you can make it past their tests then you’ll have a job that all your friends will envy. Are you dreaming of trying the newest ice cream recipes? Maybe even revolutionary wing sauces in the making? The down side of this job is that you might have to try mango raison potato chips or even dry dog food before you really get to the good stuff. If you’re willing to risk eating some really bad flavors to hopefully get something awesome, then this job might be for you.

Food tasters can make anywhere from 15 dollars and up, to eat any variety of edible things companies try to sell, so if you’re hungry, open minded, and looking for a job, food tasting is calling.

2. Webcam Eating

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Now this one might sound strange but it is a real career where real people are quitting their day jobs to sit in front of a webcam every day and eat. It’s a simple formula, really, just make some food, set up a webcam, and find a site that will charge people to just watch you eat. For some, it might be a fetish to watch others gorge themselves on food, for others it’s a sort of interesting show. Whatever the reason, if you have the personality that draws a crowd, webcam eating might be for you. In South Korea this online craze is starting to make women and men thousands of dollars a month. While this might not be the healthiest way to make a living, it might just be one of the easiest.

Webcam eating is one of those fields where it’s hard to judge how much you’ll be able to make. Some make over a thousand for a two hour session, but hey, they are the professionals here. There’s always a niche for something on the internet, so if you’re fine with thousands of strangers watching you snack down on 15 plates of pasta then this job just might be for you- just factor in the medical costs along with the benefits too.

3. Restaurant Mystery Shopper

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Not only is your meal paid for in some of the best restaurants in town, but you get paid too! Top notch restaurants, to fast food joints are looking to see how customers are really being treated in their food establishments and they are willing to pay to find out. It’s hard to break into this industry but there are some real perks to the job. Many companies will hire people with high verbal and written skills to test out a restaurant’s service, including how friendly the staff is, how long it takes to get food on the table and how clean the restaurant is. Mystery Shoppers don’t just stop at the food industry but can also move up to cruises, hotels, and spas. Talk about a paid vacation! It might be tricky to avoid scams but this job seems like it’s worth the risk. Start with a few meals here and there and someday maybe you’ll be a full time restaurant mystery shopper.

Being a mystery shopper is more about getting a meal free rather than getting a big pay check, so don’t go into the industry expecting to get lots of money. Companies also reimburse you for the meal about a month after and only if you complete their terms to satisfaction. So, restaurant mystery shopping might not make you rich but it still sounds like a fun time.

4. Restaurant Critic

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Like all writing jobs, this dream job is hard to break into. Not only do you have to have a refined palate but you need to have a way with words that convinces others you’re someone to listen to. If you’ve got all that, then you might be able to make it as a restaurant critic. These professionals often work for magazines, newspapers, online publications, or their own blog. Becoming a food critic won’t happen overnight but if you’re willing to build your palate, always try new things, and become an expert on all things regarding food and writing, then you might just be able to build a solid career as a restaurant critic. Being a restaurant critic is also great for your social life. What other job lets you bring your friends to work? Chron.com states that restaurant critics make about 88,000 dollars per year. Really, what could be a better job?

5. Artisan Food Buyer

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To be an artisan food buyer, you need to be on the up and up about the world’s best coffee beans and what brand of Italian olive oil will pair best with the finest pastas. If you’re looking for action packed days dealing with small specialty shops, local growers, and overseas companies discussing constancy of rice and the flavor of a well-aged wine then this job might be for you. People skills and knowledge for all things food are a must when occupying the job of an artisan food buyer. The perks of the job are that all day you’ll be surrounded by the best foods and, of course, getting to sample them all.

Food Buyers make about 37,000 to 66,000 dollars per year according to AOL Jobs making them one of the best jobs where you can get paid to eat. Surrounded by the freshest, most vibrant food in the world, you’ll never leave work hungry as an Artisan Food Buyer.

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Why have a boring 9 to 5 when you can combine your passion for food and making money all in one job? Food jobs might be a little out of the box for some, but for those willing to try something new, become educated in all things food, or just fueled by their passion for chicken wings and cold beer, there’s a food job somewhere for you. Everyone has to eat eventually and there is nothing better than getting paid for something that you would have already been doing anyway.

Are you a food lover? Would you consider these careers for a full-time job? Let us know in the comments section below.