8 Signs You’re Married to a Workaholic

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If your partner is committed and passionate about his (or her) work, you might admire these qualities in them. But there’s a difference between being a hard worker and a workaholic. A hard worker gives 100% and they’re not afraid of a challenge. A workaholic, on the other hand, is obsessed with work and regularly puts in long hours — even when they don’t need to.

Your spouse might deny overworking. But if you feel they are all work and no play, here are eight signs that you’re married to a workaholic.

1. You never eat meals together

Workaholics are busy from sunrise to sunset. Even if they come home after 5 p.m., they might bring a pile of work home and spend two or three hours working in the evenings. This affects your family time, and you and your spouse never have a meal together. If you bring up the idea of eating together without interruptions, he might say he’s too busy or become irritated.

2. Work interferes with quality time

Not only does your spouse not eat dinner with the family, any attempts at quality time are ruined by emails, phone calls and text messages from the office. He might skip your kid’s school events because he’s tied up at work. And if you and your spouse plan a date night, he might spend more time reading work emails than conversing with you.

3. Your spouse never takes a 'real' vacation

Your spouse might also be a workaholic if he or she doesn’t want a break from the office. Not only does your spouse work evenings and weekends, they might bring work on family vacations or frequently check in with the office when they’re supposed to be relaxing.

4. Your spouse only talks about work

Many people are capable of leaving work problems at the office, and they can talk about other things with their family and friends. But if your spouse only talks about work and are not interested in discussing other subjects, they are obsessed with their job. Even if you change the subject, they might find a way to steer the conversation back to work.

5. Your spouse hides work from you

Maybe you’ve complained about the workload and your spouse agreed to scale back. Just know that workaholics will find a way to work — behind your back if necessary. You might wake up in the middle of the night to find your spouse secretly working, or you might learn your spouse has been sneaking in work while you run errands.

6. Your spouse is too busy to help around the house

A workaholic lives and breathes for his or her job. As a result, they might have little time for anything else, including helping around the house or helping with the children. Understandably, some people hit busy periods at work, which forces them to spend longer hours at the office. This doesn’t necessarily mean these people are workaholics. But this might be the case if your spouse is ALWAYS too busy to offer a helping hand because they’re preoccupied with work.

7. Your spouse doesn't eat during the day

Workaholics compulsively work long and hard. And because they’re addicted to their work, they often forget to take breaks or eat. Therefore, your spouse might go all day without eating lunch or having a snack.

8. Your spouse doesn't have any hobbies

Everyone needs a favorite hobby or activity to blow off steam. If your spouse works day and night, and doesn’t have an interest in any activity outside work, this is another sign of being a workaholic. He or she might say that they don’t have time for a hobby, or feel that work is their hobby.

Living with a workaholic can be frustrating, and your spouse’s obsession with work can hurt the relationship. You can’t change another person’s behavior, but you can calmly mention your concerns. And in time, you can hopefully work with your spouse to set boundaries.

Do you recognize most of the signs? Are there any other signs we missed? Let us know in the comments section below.