How to Answer "How Would You Establish Your Credibility Quickly with the Team?"


First impressions are important and establishing your credibility in the workplace is one of the most vital action steps you can take. We are all judged by various factors at work—team members’ perceptions, our behavior, our work performance, and our words. There are a wide variety of actions we can take in order to effectively establish our credibility with the team in the workplace. This article will address those actions, provide a behavioral action plan to implement, and give you guidance on how to answer this question in a job interview.

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1. Value People's Perceptions

In answering this question, one of the first steps you can take is to explain how you would make every effort to value other people’s perceptions of you. There is a fine line of finding that balance between not caring what other people think of you and respecting their perception of you. It is a fact of human nature that we base our perceptions on what we see in other people. If you want to establish your credibility quickly with the team, you must care what other people think. You can begin this process of defining your credibility by making your physical appearance presentable. For example, pay attention to cultivating good grooming habits. Dress in the proper attire suitable to your specific workplace. Maintaining a professional appearance at work will help to quickly establish your credibility with the team. In line with valuing people’s perceptions, it is important to genuinely make every effort to care about other people. Don’t try to get ahead for your own good while stepping on other people. If your team members feel that you have genuine concern for them, your credibility level will rise.

2. Embrace Responsibility

In continuing to figure out how to respond to the question of establishing your credibility, you can share how you would embrace responsibility. When you make a mistake, it is important that you have the courage to admit to it and devise a plan to make it right. Individuals who cannot take responsibility for their mistakes will lose credibility among their team members. In addition to taking responsibility for your mistakes, you need to take responsibility for your actions. For example, if you tend to react to people and situations, rather than respond in a professional manner, you will not establish credibility. You must find a way to temper your actions in a professional manner and learn how to listen to constructive criticism.

3. Cultivate Your Honesty

Another way to respond to the question regarding your credibility is to showcase your willingness to cultivate your honesty. Being genuine in your conversations and the keeping of promises is an essential way to establish credibility with your team. When colleagues see that you have genuine intentions with regard to wanting to maintain honest relationships, they will reciprocate and welcome you fully into the team dynamics. You can cultivate these relationships by keeping information confident when something is shared in confidence. Additionally, when someone seeks your opinion on a subject, be honest with your response. As much as is in your power, be honest in every action and statement you make. Continuing to act in an honest fashion will establish your credibility more quickly as team members know they can value your word.

4. Seek Personal Development

The final way you can answer the question regarding establishing credibility is to respond that you would seek personal development through your work experience. Seeking to develop your personal and professional skills shows that you want to achieve success. Working hard at your job and completing tasks on time furthers your personal development and cultivates credibility among the team members. Additionally, if you do not know something, admit it. If you try to bypass your ignorance through bluffing, you will eventually be found out. Taking the humble route and admitting that you have more to learn will increase your credibility level and the trust forming between you and your team members.

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Responding to the question “How would you establish your credibility quickly with the team?” is easily answered by already having an actual plan in place to cultivate credibility. You can then answer the question with genuine honesty.