How to Answer the Top 10 Banking Interview Questions


It is important to be prepared for any job interview that you attend. If you are applying for a job at a bank, you need to be ready to respond to specific questions regarding your technical abilities and experience in the workplace. You will be asked direct questions regarding your abilities as they correlate to fundamental job skills required of a banking employee. This article will share a list of the top ten banking interview questions and how to answer them.

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1. 'Why did you apply to work for our bank?'

This is more of a generalized question. However, it is a perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate that you have done your research on the bank. Being prepared to have at least five reasons why you want to work there will enable you to share your top three in a carefully planned response. You can share that you like the company culture that they have cultivated and would feel at home working with their bank as part of the team.

2. 'Why do you believe our bank should hire you?'

If you are asked this question, you have a chance to share some of your specific skill sets and work experience that make you a perfect candidate for the employment position. It is important to completely understand the job requirements before attending the interview so that you can craft a response that showcases how well your skills and experience mesh with the employer’s job skills requests. Some skills and experience that you can highlight would be your customer service experience, any computer skills as well as your accuracy with regard to numerical competence.

3. 'In your opinion, what qualities does a bank teller need to exhibit?'

This question is another one that focuses on specifics pertaining to this type of job. The hiring manager wants to know how well you comprehend what a bank teller should be like. Again, focus on the positive qualities like numerical accuracy, knowledge of bank services, excellent customer service skills, computer mastery, integrity, reliable work ethic, and capability to excel under stressful situations.

4. 'Have you ever experienced a confrontation with a frustrated customer?'

Money is an important issue to so many people. That factor can lead to added stress in the banking situation. It is very likely that you would have already experienced such a confrontation or at least will experience one in the future in this profession. The hiring manager is testing your ability to handle conflict resolution and work well while under pressure. Demonstrate your customer service skills by sharing how well you diffused such a situation.

5. 'Have you ever had to utilize tactful discretion while on the job?'

Again, working in a bank is basically a customer service-based position. You are dealing with customers all day long. With regard to this question, the hiring manager would like to know how well you dealt with a delicate issue where tactful discretion was required. You should respond by citing an example of how you tactfully mediated the situation with the customer.

6. 'What method do you use for fact-checking your work for accuracy?'

The banking industry is based on precision and accuracy. The hiring manager needs to know that you fully comprehend the seriousness of these two factors and how accurate you are in your work. Demonstrate your skill set in this area by sharing a specific example of your method with regard to ensuring accuracy at all times.

7. 'Have you ever witnessed a colleague doing something unethical?'

The banking industry deals with money and these dealings are hands-on. That can lead to some unethical acts. The hiring manager would ask this question in order to ascertain your comprehension of the severity of the issue. Your trustworthiness and integrity are being tested. You might not have seen any type of unethical action. However, you can respond to this question by citing your personal adherence to all banking regulations and that you operate under complete ethical standards in your work performance.

8. 'How have you handled any situations with a confused customer?'

Your customer service skills are being tested with this type of question. It is important for the hiring manager to gauge how well you interact with people. After all, you will be dealing with them all day long. It is important to demonstrate that you have excellent customer service skills and know how to properly communicate with people.

9. 'Do you work well under pressure or do you get easily stressed out?'

Working at a bank, especially a busy one, can become a high-pressured situation. The hiring manager needs to ascertain whether or not you can handle this type of pressurized situation without getting stressed out. Demonstrate your ability to remain calm when your workload gets stressful. You can cite your organizational skills and how you have learned how to prioritize tasks to ensure that the most important things get done first.

10. 'What has your attendance level been like?'

The hiring manager needs to ascertain how reliable you are. The bank needs to hire individuals who can be trusted and those who are reliable and committed to coming to work on time and not constantly calling in sick.

Review these questions prior to your job interview and utilize the advice discussed to craft the best response for your current experience level and skill set.