How to Become a Crew Controller

crew controller

The crew controller is part of the flight operations team and also works closely with dispatch and the sales department. Their job is challenging and fast-paced and they have to optimize manpower and provide effective management of the airline's resources. The main priority is to organise the flight crew and cabin crew schedules efficiently.

What is the role of a crew controller?

The main duties of a crew controller are:

  • To check the legality of proposed flights  in regards to duty time and crew qualification
  • To plan crew proficiency checks and organise training
  • To schedule crew to EU-OPS or equivalent
  • To  check crew duty plans for all aircraft
  • To  maintain crew records and operations information
  • To ensure that post flight data is recorded
  • To monitor planned and real time flight schedule
  • To ensure that the airlines  travel policy is cost effective
  • To co-ordinate between the operations department and the crew ensuring a safe flight

Some tasks that you may be required to do are:

  • Make travel arrangements for the crew
  • Check that crew visas and passports are valid for upcoming trips
  • Supervise crewing coordinators
  • Complete administration to company procedure

Basic requirements and qualifications

A crew controller should have knowledge of EU-OPS or equivalent, duty flight time rules and the airline authority’s regulations. They should have knowledge of a ticketing system such as Amadeus and experience of booking flight s and hotels, when appropriate. IT skills such as Microsoft Office are desirable.

Essential skills that a crew controller should have are:

  • Excellent communication and teamwork
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Financial awareness
  • Be diligent, reliable and independent
  • Can remain calm under pressure
  • Have an analytical approach
  • Can manage own workload
  • Fast problem-solving skills

How to apply

You can apply directly to the airline of your choice to become a crew controller through their careers website. Some airport’s careers websites may advertise vacancies as will aviation job-related websites. You can also work as a crew controller at a private jet operator or cargo airline. Many people will start out in the airline operations department as a crewing coordinators or crew officers and work their way up.

Hours, salary and benefits

A crew controller works shifts that can be any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. A typical shift pattern may be 2 days on, followed by 2 nights on and 4 days off.

Salary is made up of basic, plus overtime.


Minimum P.A.

Maximum P.A

Crewing coordinator

12,000 GBP

20,000 GBP

Crew controller

26,000 GBP

45,000 GBP

Other benefits may include health and life insurance, staff travel and pension, depending on the airline.

Future opportunities

You can become a Crew Supervisor or Flight Dispatcher in the flight operations department or work within airline management in positions such as Base Manager or Crew Manager.