How to Become a Self-Made Scholar

Everyone is born with a natural curiosity, and yet that curiosity is often suppressed as we grow older. By the time we reach adulthood, we've settled into our little lives. So many people are content with the knowledge they have, but to become a true professional, you have to educate yourself on a regular basis.

You can become a scholar once again by following the simple tips below:

Question everything

Why do you do the things you do? Why do you believe what you read? What do you believe?

It's time to question everything you read and see, and ask yourself "Why?" A good scholar will never take things at face value, but will dig deeper to find the meanings behind things.

Trust your gut. As a developing scholar, you'll find a lot of things just seem "off" though you can't explain why. If you feel that it isn't right, start digging to discover the reasons why. That questioning, digging mindset is what makes you a scholar!

Learn every day

No matter what you do, learning should be a part of your day. A scholar studies daily, and finds ways to expand their horizons.

You don't necessarily need to learn only things related to your current profession or passions. If you find something interesting, learn more about it. A true scholar won't limit themselves to learning just one thing, but they'll follow their interests and study the things that intrigue them.

It's the act of learning that you'll come to love, and that's what will make you a self-made scholar.

Open your mind

Don't automatically assume that something is the way it is for the reason you believe it to be. That is forming a bias, which will stop you from having the scholar mindset.

You need to approach a problem or a question with an open mind, and without any hoped for conclusion. You should be unbiased in your research and evaluation, and be willing to prove yourself wrong. The more you prove yourself wrong, the closer you'll get to discovering what is right.

Form complete opinions

One mistake that many new scholars make is taking a stance on a topic. Taking a stance means your opinion is biased before you've done the research.

A true self-made scholar will form complete opinions, with research to back them up. Take a look at both sides of the topic, and get both sides of the argument. Compile all of the information you can--both positive and negative--and form your own opinions based on your research.

Make sure that you've completed your research before you form your opinion. Only after you've learned everything there is to know on a topic are you able to come to the right conclusion.

Start learning

No matter what you want to learn, you can find that new information is right at your fingertips. The age of technology has made it so easy to learn, so start learning today!

You'll find that there are hundreds--nay, thousands--of sites where you can find new information, courses, classes, and unlimited resources. If you want to be a self-made scholar, it's time to start learning something new today!