20 Best & Most Popular Degree Courses to Study in 2017

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Picking the right degree at university can be a difficult decision. Not only do you need to take your career interests into account, but also explore the career prospects in each profession. Looking at recent data compiled from Top Universities, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and other credible sources, we have put together a list of the best and most popular degree courses you can study in 2017-2018. Let’s take a look…



1. Biomedical Engineering

If you can’t decide between biology and engineering, you can combine the two in one, and study biomedical engineering. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the field are expected to grow by 72 percent up to 2018 which is rather promising.With all of the new research, this is an industry that will encourage constructive change and innovation in commercial applications.

2. Occupational Therapy

Professionals in this field are responsible for caring for the injured, ill and disabled patients helping them carry out everyday tasks or activities. They help people with mental, physical or social disabilities to complete daily tasks or occupations with more confidence and independence. Employment figures for occupational therapy in the US are more likely to rise by 27 percent between now and 2024, which makes this a promising field to get into.

3. Structural Engineering

Another popular area of engineering is structural engineering. In this occupation, professionals design structures to withstand stresses and pressures imposed by environmental conditions and human use. As a sub-category of civil engineering, this field offers strong salary prospects with the US pay reaching up to $104,000 and £70,000 for the UK. But salary isn’t the only perk this occupation offers, according to reports, 71 percent of structural engineers have a high work satisfaction rate.

4. Translation and/or Interpretation

Translators and interpreters are needed everywhere around the world. With more and more organisations working with international clients and expanding on a global level, workers with bilingual abilities are going to be valuable in the workplace translating information from one language to another. In the next few years, job prospects will fly up by 29 percent and grow much faster than average.  

5. Physician Assistant Studies

Every physician needs an assistant and you can be that person. These professionals can work with a range of healthcare workers e.g. surgeons, depending on where they are based. As mid-level doctors, they examine, diagnose and treat patients, but they are always under the supervision of the physician. This course offers an impressive earning potential and has been selected as one of the highest-earning bachelor’s degrees on PayScale.

6. Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers are responsible for using a set of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems. They care about and work towards recycling, waste disposal, water and air pollution control in an attempt to minimise the effects of climate change. The Bureau of Labor Statistics show a 15 percent increase in environmental engineers from 2012 to 2022, and it’s likely to go up after that.

7. Web Development

Web development is one of the most promising fields of the future. The digital world has been at the forefront of technological development, and web developers are needed to work in almost every industry today. The job prospects look promising rising by 27 percent between now and 2024, in the US and are likely to increase. If you want to pursue a secure career with job satisfaction and potentially a high salary, this is the course for you.

8. Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical engineers are responsible for researching, designing, developing, constructing and testing aircraft. If you can imagine yourself being the pioneer of great inventions and discoveries in the aeronautical field, this degree is for you. The occupation offers promising salary, as well as a wealth of career prospects and professional development opportunities in the near future.

9. Computer Science and Mathematics

Studying computer science and mathematics opens up many potential career paths. As a graduate in any of these fields, you can find a job as a developer, system administrator, or an IT consultant. STEM careers offer many possibilities for growth and professional development, and you can choose to get in one of the many professions of the future such as software engineering, robotics, programming or bank credit management and so on.

10. Nursing

The healthcare sector needs as much help as it can get. Going into nursing can lead to plenty of opportunities once you graduate. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts, there will be a 30 percent increase in the job prospects by 2024. So if you want to help other individuals improve their quality of life, and want to be the right hand of physicians, this is the course you should choose.



11. Marine Biology

Are you interested in the marine environment? As a marine biologist, you will explore what the deep waters offer, and study the organisms and animals living in this unique habitat. Job growth of 4% is expected in the US for zoologists and wildlife biologists according to Regarding career development, you will need a strong combination of commitment, hard work and establishing appropriate contacts.

12. Medicine

More than ever, doctors of every speciality are needed to help patients improve their health and well-being and prevent people from getting ill. Studying medicine offers many career possibilities, but, it takes a long time. It’s also highly competitive; it requires a lot of commitment and excellent academic marks.

13. Sports Psychology

Sports psychologists are an important member of every sports team. Their duty is to help individuals or a team of professional athletes perform at their best while helping them to deal with the psychological demands of the sport. They help the body and mind work together cooperatively, and with the fast pace our lives are moving, it’s an essential practice for all of us to learn, whether we are athletes or not.

14. Paramedical Science

If you want to save lives, have a strong stomach, and you like taking care of people, paramedical science is the best course for you. Paramedical science is a fast evolving sector that involves many aspects of pre-hospital emergency care and primary health care. A degree in this subject will help you learn how to deal emergency situations.

15. Actuarial Science

Actuarial science is the application of maths and statistics used to assess risk in financial situations. It requires an excellent mathematical mind as well as strong analytical and problem-solving skills and is not suitable for everyone. Most professionals choose to go into the insurance, accountancy or financial sectors. While it can be challenging and require lots of studying, it is an incredibly financially rewarding career.

16. Psychology

Psychology is a popular sector, despite the fact that it’s facing employment uncertainty. It seems like the study of the mind attracts many new students who are willing to approach the cognitive science. To work as a psychologist, you will need to complete some years of practical experience through masters and/or Ph.D. According to BLS, employment of all types of psychologists will increase by 19 percent from 2014 to 2024, and this includes sports psychologists.

17. Psychiatry

Psychiatrists are trained medical doctors who can prescribe medicine and then oversee the effects and the course of that treatment. Whereas psychologists tend to psychotherapy and emotional issues, psychiatrists take this one step further and work with individuals who are facing more severe mental difficulties. Psychiatry is expected to grow faster than most fields, increasing up to 15 percent by 2024 according to

18. Make-Up Art

While this subject doesn’t come in the list of the most expected popular professions, it’s getting more and more popular. Makeup art can be useful in the fashion or media industries where theatrical makeup and special effects are needed to make models or actors look a particular way. If you are a creative individual and want to try this out, this might be your ideal choice.

19. Law

Law is a profession that ensures people and organisations operate within the set rules of an organised society. If you want to make sure it stays this way, you can study law and become a barrister, chartered legal executive, paralegal or solicitor. In this field, there are always going to be job opportunities as there are many sectors where lawyers are needed, and every employer knows at least one quite well. Some sectors that are worth looking into is banking law, commercial law, corporate, criminal, employment, EU, human rights and intellectual property law.

20. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is an interesting career route. If you want to help people improve their physical health and treat physical difficulties caused by illness, injury, disability or ageing, this is for you. As a physiotherapist, you will work on treatment programs, e.g. massage, therapeutic exercise or electrotherapy. You will also give your clients advice on well-being and how to self-manage long-term conditions. In the UK, you can have a defined career structure when working for an NHS hospital and in the US career prospects are looking bright with 34 percent increase on job outlook, which is much faster than average.



While you will never be 100 percent sure whether you have chosen the right degree, it’s essential to choose one that you enjoy and offers good job prospects. This is the only way to make the best out of your studies!

Are you considering going to university this year? Which subject are you going to choose? Let us know in the comments section below…