How to Create a Great Student Council Campaign

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An effective student council campaign means that you successfully reached the voters in your student body and won enough votes to be elected. Creating an effective campaign is all about finding a way to distinguish yourself as a viable candidate and make a positive connection with the student voters. It is important to find a way to be original and get the voters to remember your name. There are several steps that you can take in order to create a great student council campaign that will set you apart as a winner.

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1. Maintain a genuine consistency

If you hope to create a great student council campaign, you need to diligently maintain a genuine consistency in your behavior, promotional methods, and how you interact with the student voters. For example, any erratic diversions from your current consistent campaign promotions will be more likely to dissuade the voters from trusting you as a viable candidate. Consider some of the following tips toward maintaining your genuine consistency.

  • Appearance – Focus on keeping your appearance as consistent as possible so that the voters can relate to you as a solid and stable representative for the council.
  • Authentic – Make sure your actions and behavior are authentic around the voters and in all that you do. You never know when you’ll be seen and how the voters will perceive you.
  • Consideration – Make a genuine effort to understand the “people” and find out what the students are looking for. Remember, you should be serving the student body.

2. Be creative in promotional efforts

In addition to maintaining a genuine consistency, it is also important to be creative in your promotional efforts. Learn how to think outside the box and brainstorm ideas that other candidates are not utilizing. When you need to use the same types of techniques, figure out ways to demonstrate your uniqueness so you can stand out as the best candidate. Think about the following suggestions for your campaign.

  • Slogans – The highest priority is to make a slogan that can be easily repeated and remembered. Simple is best and will keep you in the mind of the student voters. Using a slogan such as Vote for Jenny is not special and won’t make the voters remember you. Shout Slogans has compiled a comprehensive listing of creative slogans for student council campaigns, such as: The girl with the SMILE will go the extra MILE or I don’t just speak the change I make the change.
  • Promotions – Most student council campaigns utilize posters in their promotional efforts. Make sure that any posters you create are extraordinary and become a catalyst toward swinging voters to your side. The posters need to immediately grab the attention of the voters, quickly get your message across and become an instant call to action. Check out this listing of 25 student election campaign poster ideas.
  • Recognition – It is extremely vital to ensure that in every piece of marketing material that you use (posters, pins, t-shirts, social media posts etc.), you have instant name recognition. For example, the voters must be able to recognize your “brand” immediately and know what you stand for. After all, serving on the student council is about serving the student body through ensuring that issues which concern them are effectively handled. You should consider utilizing an engaging photograph of yourself on your promotional materials.  

3. Keep it simple and win

Another way to create a great student council campaign is to keep all of your methods simple and in alignment with your basic goals. Remember that you are dealing with fellow students who have enough on their daily agenda with regard to attending classes, completing homework, taking exams, participating in sports, hanging out with friends and living their personal lives. It is vital to make every effort to keep your campaign method simple if you want to secure voters’ confidence and their votes. Consider the following tips to help with simplifying your campaign.

  • Everyone – Don’t focus on one specific group in the student body. Of course, you may appeal more to one or two specific groups. However, if you want to win, you need to make an effort to appeal to the entire student body. You need to get as many votes as possible if you want to be effective and win the election.
  • Communication – If you want to create the best student council campaign, you need to focus on keeping your communication simple. For example, any time you speak to the student body (whether in-person, in a speech, or online), make sure that your communication is simple and easy to comprehend. You want to ensure that the voters quickly understand your message and determine whether or not they can relate to you.

Creating the most effective student council campaign can easily become a simple process if you take the time to follow the suggestions discussed in this article. If you’ve run for student council, what ideas have you utilized to create the best campaign?